Aira Coliving Montreal
Aira Coliving Montreal

Aira Coliving Montreal

Price from $735 / month

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About Aira Coliving Montreal

Planning to Live In Montreal For A Little While?
Stay by month in a safe, clean and friendly home.
The advantages of living in an AIRA Co-Living space are:
★No messy, noisy roommates.
★Pay by month. No need to pay for many months all at once.
★ Work from home in a relaxed environment with great wifi.
★Live here as long as you want, no commitment required.
★Connect with people from all over the world over our FREE monthly communal dinners.
★No security deposit required.

As a female host and a feminist, I guarantee to host my guests in a SAFE, CLEAN and FRIENDLY home ♥
I specialize in hosting guests who are in town for 1 month or longer.

Join our space where we host digital nomads, online entrepreneurs as well as creative travelling young professionals and mature students in a quiet, homey setting.

This is your place to work from home, study and also make new connections!
Live like a local! Cook your own food in our fully equipped kitchen! Go to the corner cafe for French croissants!
Are you ready for coliving?

Are you ready?

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