Commontown - Singapore
Commontown - Singapore

Commontown - Singapore

5.0 (8 reviews)
Price from $1,695 / month

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About Commontown - Singapore

Beyond just a living space, we evolve with the needs of our community
An aspirational enclave where people come to live, work, and play
Young, creative and tech-savvy members seeking a lifestyle that cannot be found elsewhere.

Commontown - Singapore's latest reviews

Alvaro T May 2021 5.00

Great and professional coliving location courteous and honest staff. It was easy and flexible from the beginning. I would recommend it to friends and family.

Douglas L. Oct 2020 5.00

The condo was a very nice building with full amenities and incredible convenience, located within 3mins walk to Newton MRT. The team was always professional and responsive to my needs. Would highly recommend it!

b R. Oct 2020 5.00

Great service from Commontown, I stayed with them for about 7 months. I did consider other coliving places but Commontown provided the best customer service in my experience. Commontown also arranged some community activities, unfortunately, this was greatly limited due to Covid. I highly recommended Commontown if you are looking for coliving places to stay.

Lucy S. Sep 2020 5.00

I couldn’t have chosen a better housing company to have shared the last 6 months of my 17 years in Singapore with. It was throughout the pandemic, with my family all in england, that I came across the Commontown team and the whole time they made me feel like I had a new family here. Whenever my flatmates or I needed something, they’d be over in an instant with their warm smiles and helping hands. I’m truly sad to say bye to Commontown. Thank you for being so kind to me and for finding me some compassionate flat mates that I’ll never forget. I hope to stay in touch with you all and will strongly recommend you to any friends passing by in Singapore for a few months. Don’t forget me as I’ll never forget you!! Lucy

Annette L. May 2020 5.00

Great team, community, and people! :)

Pat S. May 2020 5.00

Awesome team and great coliving space. Prompt service and response to tenant needs. Highly recommend to anyone who looking for hassle-free accommodation in Singapore.

Zad E. Oct 2019 5.00

I was staying in this place during my summer internship in Singapore. This was the first time I decide to try out coliving and it was the best experience I could have asked for! I got to meet wonderful people from different walks of life, be part of a very active and friendly community, and live in a very nice and equipped apartment. I couldn't believe that the actual space looked exactly like the pictures! The staff members were amazing too! I would HIGHLY recommend staying here and I definitely know where I will be staying the next time I'm in Singapore!

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