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Move-in ready homes with roommates you'll love living with. Both short-term, and long-term stays are accepted in New York and Los Angeles. Perfect for young professionals, international students, and interns.
Easy Living specializes in rental of furnished rooms, and apartments for both short term stays, and long term stays. With our unique background put together with our multicultural team, we have the expertise and the knowledge to set you up with the perfect accommodation during your stay in NY or LA. We offer private bedrooms, and apartments in exclusive buildings in the nicest areas of NY and LA, so we are confident that we will find something close to your school or job. The buildings oftentimes include top-notch amenities such as a gym, rooftop looking, lounge/conference rooms, and a 24-hour concierge. With our specialized maintenance team, we are always quick to fix any issues that may arise during your stay. Whether you need to switch out some of the furniture, or the sink is clogged, you can be confident that our team is quick to solve any issues. Easy Living is the perfect tool for you as a student, young professional, or traveler coming to NY or LA.

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Aceadia H Jan 2021 5.00

Most people that I know didn't expect to stay here as long as they did because we all fell in love with this place.
Yes you will have three roommates, but it all depends on you how you get along. This is just like having roommates in any other apartment in the world.
I love my roommates, they're all so kind and we're not best friends, but we all say hi here and there.

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