Green Room JBay Coliving
Green Room JBay Coliving

Green Room JBay Coliving

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About Green Room JBay Coliving

The Green Room was started by a few surfers who love the waves of JBay. The project aims to prove that a vibrant co-working community can make a big difference in a small town. We have an idea that exciting things happen when diverse skills and experiences from all over the world come together under one roof.

We are entrepreneurs, digital nomads, or people who prefer to get out of the house to work in an inspiring environment. Some of us are travelers, and some of us are from here. We're in JBay because we all share a common mindset that a good balance between work, nature, and outdoor activities is a healthy way to live.

The Green Room team provides the office infrastructure and necessities at the space, but we also lean on members to bring their ideas and good vibes. This is a community project! All rental contributions we receive from members go directly back into improving the space and, hopefully, over time, making JBay a better place to live, work and visit!
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