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Koh Space Coliving Company

Koh Space

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Price from $502 / month

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Our best value option at Koh Space is our Co-Living Packages. We have 5 rooms types available and all packages include full access to our co-working space. All rooms have WiFi and include Koh Space membership. Minimum stay is 5 nights.

Koh Space's latest reviews

Ahsan G. Feb 2020

The quality of the rooms is not so good. They need to fix this.

marcolino 7. Sep 2019

Bad experience because only had trouble and the owner is anything but what pretends.

Sam D. Sep 2019

Overpriced at 400 baht per day. Very small area to actually work in. Not really a proper co working space... Much better off wprking from an air con cafe. 400 baht doesnt really get u much (and is more than double most other co working spaces across thailand)... Strange strategy. If they priced it at 100 baht per day it may just be worth using now and then. 400 is simply sillyness.

Timo S. Feb 2019

I Love this coliving Space I decided to stay here for 1 week and it was so awesome! Charlie the manager of this place is such a nice guy! And the additional extra is that (if you want) to go with Charlie on his special tours! I can really recommend it. I will definitely come back!

Snorre S. Oct 2018

I stayed here for two nights and did a three day volleyball course. The volleyball course was amazing, really good coaching by both Charlie and Catie. They taught me a bunch of drills, worked on technique, had practice games and went for dinner afterwards with their friends, a really cool experience.
As for the living space the staff was incredibly friendly and helpful. The cheap room I was first assigned was honestly not very good, the bed was pretty uncomfortable, no private bathroom and no aircon, and the only window was only a window to the hallway so not actually a window. It was impossible to get any good circulation of the air even with the fan on max power, did not get a lot of sleep there. For the second night I upgraded to a room with aircon and it was a lot more comfortable, so I definitely recommend anyone to spend the extra baht on the upgrade.

Dimensions Sep 2018

Located in Ban Tai, between the parties of Had Rin and the capital of Thong Sala, This coliving represents the happy medium of coliving and co-working spaces. It offers the essentials of solid wi-fi and A/C, with no un-needed extravagances like overpriced smoothie bars, or the pretentiousness that it is a base of a 'start-up revolution'. There is a good size kitchen to make breakfast / lunch, accommodation, and it's only a stone's throw from the beach. With the lack of co-working spaces on Koh Samui, it's not a stretch to say this place is the number 1 coliving, co-working site in the Thai Gulf, and I've been more than satisfied having worked there on and off for 1 1/2 years.

Elisabeth M. Sep 2018

My laptop didn’t connect to the wifi of Koh Space, only to the Sage wifi next doors which were working alright downstairs but not on the top floor. My phone connected to the fast wifi, so I was having the skype calls on my phone (which isn’t ideal if you have to share your screen on occasions). No skype room available, so people hear you and you can hear everyone else. There was no staff in the office when I arrived. They offer a self-check-in, however; it’s a bit of an awkward situation opening random doors to find the bathroom.

ouraka B. Sep 2018

This coliving place is great for working and living. Great staff, who are very friendly and helpful. They give advise on bars, restaurants, activities around the island. The room which i stayed at was clean, spacious and had both air con/fan. There is a kitchen and coliving space offers free coffee and water, which is very nice. Now that I've been here and experienced it myself but also from talking to people i know this is the best coliving and coworking area in Koh Phangan, both the price and the internet connection is a lot better than on the north side of the island.

Joan M. Sep 2017

I love the coliving, I enjoyed my stay here. But the price is a bit expensive.

Petr Š. Sep 2017

Great coliving and coworking space offering high speed internet, AC and clean and really nice accommodation.