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About Pandora's House

Hey Nomad, I'm Santiago, an aircraft mechanic, and traveler at heart. together with my mother Pandora (Painter/Artist) and my brother Simon: we created these spaces for all the digital nomads who are looking to explore our city, paisa culture and are tired of feeling alone in Medellin. You will feel at home with us.

Pandora’s House honors the artistic name that our mother has carried throughout her career as a painter and artist (Pandora). Creativity, balance, and persistence are qualities that have always characterized her and that every nomad should carry himself. You’ll probably get this vibe when you get to Pandora’s House Coliving.

Pandora's House's latest reviews

Laura B. Aug 2020 5.00

excellent place, very warm, and welcoming, people are very attentive

Amelia M. Aug 2020 5.00

Very pleasant and perfect place for those who seek peace and quiet and at the same time promote their projects since the atmosphere of the house is very productive! I loved my stay here

L S. Feb 2020 5.00

It is a pleasant space, the attention is excellent, do they make you feel at home?

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