Re-Green Permaculture Sanctuary
Re-Green Permaculture Sanctuary

Re-Green Permaculture Sanctuary

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About Re-Green Permaculture Sanctuary

Re-Green Permaculture Sanctuary

We are renting out five beautiful residences in our Permaculture Sanctuary for conscious individuals that can flow with the ease, the culture and the freedom of the place and our creative community.

Independent living in a relaxed community setting. A place to disconnect, co-exist with Mother Nature and do so while joining an inspiring intentional collective.

Live and Learn In the “University of Nature”, In our Garden of Eden
• Work remotely
• Enter our conscious community
• Eat organic, nutritious, tasty food
• Experience a regenerative way of living

Located in the lush mountains of the Northern Peloponnese, surrounded by dense wild forests and on the cliff edge overlooking a river valley, Re-Green Permaculture Sanctuary offers a unique opportunity for a co-living experience inside a regenerative paradigm of life. We aim for low impact, simple living–to live as lightly as possible on the earth and reduce human impact on the ecology of our planet

- Accommodation in a traditional and historical Guesthouse: Beautiful Independent rooms with own bathroom, natural bedding, high level of aesthetics and architecture, historical building 250 years old, energy efficient heating with wooden stoves , living essentials: linen, towels, a desk, a kettle and thermos.

- Food: Organic, healthy, nutritious, tasty food from farm to table and rest of supplies coming from an ethical and organic network of local producers. All the meals are prepared by our chefs in designated hours and we all dine together as a family.

- Garden – Permaculture Farm: A Garden of Eden on Earth, Forest Garden, Growing of Food, Herbs, Fruit Orchards, Permaculture practices in farming and Natural building on going projects. Everything around here is a learning opportunity

- Location in the heart of Nature : Wild Nature, Beautiful Mountain Landscape, Valley of Krios river pouring down the sea, waterfalls, drinking water from springs, forests and wild life... in a few words Biodiversity!

- Internet Access for work that needs to be done! All rooms are provided with WiFi and RJ45 cable connection to a 50 Mbps line

But above all ...

- Experiencing a New Paradigm of Life
After teaching many Permaculture courses the past 8 years to hundreds of students, we offer an experiential, hands-on transmission of this knowledge by living inside this reality every day.
This is the diamond of the whole experience of co-living with us, together with our village of good neighbors. It’s in your hands and power to get involved and search deeper while you are here for the value of Permaculture and circular economy which you will meet in our project and take it with you at departure to follow your life.
With an accredited Permaculture teacher living on site and leading the farm and a devoted, experienced team running the place under the ethics of permaculture, every interaction in our project becomes a learning opportunity. And as we know by now experience is what anchors the knowledge. Come with the mind of a student, not just a resident!

- Entering an existing Conscious Community: After 10 years of life, Re-Green was the kick-starter of a whole community to be manifested that today we call the community of good neighbors or intentional collective and stretches out in the village of Seliana. More projects started popping around Re-Green during the years, independent but also blending and interacting with each other. We all became caretakers of this beautiful corner of the planet and at the same time family members that care and support each other, organize gatherings and events, and share this life of paradise on Earth.

Other benefits that come together with living with us

- Use of Infrastructure
• Co-working spaces: Indoors at our communal internet station but when the sun shines outdoors as well.
• The Maloca: Our gathering space is a Naturally Built Round House, of 101 Square Meters, feels like and is a real temple. We gather for Yoga, dance, music or other studio and gathering space events.
• The Hangout : A cosi living room with a lounge, pillows, wood stoves, dining tables and our bookshelf with an interesting collection of books on permaculture, natural building, herbs and more.
• The Temazcal: Meaning a “House of Heat'', is a small Round-House and very similar to Native American sweat lodge the place, where we regularly gather to “sweat it out”!
• The Natural Swimming Pond : Swim or just sit by and amongst plants and wildlife in the most natural and ecologically-balanced pool available. A natural ecosystem that basically takes care of itself, chemical free, home for Dragonflies, colorful Koi fish, frogs make our pond the jewel of our Garden.

- Well being Communal Practices: Yoga and Meditation, Regular workout classes in the Maloca.

- Social Gatherings: Wood-fired pizza nights, movie nights, drum circles, dance and spontaneous party events

- Tour desk Information on how to hike the local mountains, lakes and seaside alone or with a tour guide as there is a variety of excellent choices for day trips in the area

- Personalized retreats: Plan tailor-made programs with the following options-> one-to-one yoga class, drum class, Alexander technique session, herbal medicine class, therapeutic massage, Ayurvedic cooking and consultancy, and more.

Re-Green Permaculture Sanctuary's latest reviews

Angelos Marios P. Apr 2022 5.00

My review begins with three words: Authenticity, Excellence and Love!
That is what this coliving is about and much much more!
The food is unique!!! A vast variety and abundance of authentic and pure ingredients, vegetables, herbs coming straight from the garden and limitless imagination in cooking have left a wonderful and lifelong aftertaste to my heart.
And you can have as much as you want. It was so delicious that I had 3 plates every time.
People in this community are rare!
They are warm, friendly and kind and with their rich smiles they make you feel like home from the very first moment of arrival.
As a Coliver I felt a strong sense of belonging and experienced being part of this lovely family. Do not hesitate to do some gardening with these guys if you want. You cannot imagine how rewarding it is.
The rooms are really cozy and warm and it feels like a being in a fairytale every time you go to sleep! Really soft bedsheets and the mesmerizing view of the fireplace contribute well to the whole experience!
The place is in the heart all kinds of hikes. Waterfalls, nature trails, tall dancing trees, pastures and deep forests all together compose an amazing landscape!
I am already thinking when I will visit again!
From the bottom of my heart a big thank you to Flery and Christos.

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