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Selina Boavista Ericeira Coliving Company
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Selina Boavista Ericeira

Where will you experience Selina? Come for the sun, sand, or surf, stay for the spirit and community. With destinations all over Latin America, our family is waiting for you with open arms.

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Priscilla A
Mar 2020

An amazing student's/house-like place for guys coming to Ericeira to surf or just explore. Really nice and polite workers, amazing views and great environment. And also very low cost!

Nima S
Mar 2020

Okay, first of all, the food... I had a vegan breakfast there. A delicious vegan peanut butter and banana smoothie, and also asked for a vegan breakfast option. Cathy (hope I got the name right) had a few suggestions and then also mentioned that she could try a new dish out on me, but wouldn't be able to say how it was going to turn out. Barely paid attention to what was going to be in it, her creative spark was on fire so I just said that I thought it sounded dope. And man, dope it was! She's a real chef! It ended up being really tasty! Eating plant-based leaves, you with few options in many parts of the world, so I can't say how much I appreciated the fact she went out of her way. Really made my day and put a huge smile on my face. The house is clean and nice, and the staff is super friendly. Wouldn't hesitate to stay there again when I'm in town, but most of all I would love to eat Cathy's vegan breakie there again! Hope she still works there when I stay there next.

Keren E
Mar 2020

Great vibes, extra friendly staff. We got a private room with a bathroom and it also had a balcony which was nice. The place also has a cafe so you can eat in if you don't feel like going out. It's very close to the supermarket and there's free parking outside. That's all the good stuff. I really wanted to leave this place a 5-star review but - this place has a small kitchen that people can cook in, that didn't have enough utensils and was dirty most of the time (residents apparently don't like cleaning after themselves).

Pedro C
Jul 2020

Very nice place to stay with friendly staff in nice conditions!

Lea C
Aug 2020

Had a blast staying here for two weeks! Best rooftop terrace for sunset, awesome staff, and super nice pool lounge area. Also, there's a great middle eastern restaurant connected to the house. Definitely recommend!

Daniele R
Mar 2020

We stayed here for a few days of surf. The house is exactly in front of the Mafrense bus from Lisbon, so incredibly easy to reach, however, it's also right in front of a very trafficked road and you can hear it especially at night. Rooms and walkways are a bit cramped with little space to move around. The kitchen, in particular, is very tight, both in terms of working space available for cooking and eating space. It is also poorly equipped, with very little cutlery and dishes, especially for the volume of people using it. The staff is a bit mixed, our first check-in and the second extension were done by a competent and helpful girl, while our extension of stay was messily handled by a kind but the unprepared and uninformed guy. Overall it seems female staff, whether permanent or temporary is better than their male counterpart, professionally speaking. We did not try the surf school but the community lets you use the storage space for boards and wetsuits if necessary. The atmosphere is good as there are a lot of places in the house with even a 20-bed dorm available. Beds are fairly comfortable but in dormitories, they have only one side open and covered by a tent while the others are wooden (think a recess). The common area is fairly large with a small pool, tables, and mats to chill outside. Overall it wasn't a bad stay but we ended up suffering a bit from the kitchen and the messy extensions.

Erin R
Mar 2020

This is a VERY new house, and you can definitely tell so with the staffing (lengthy waits for coffee orders, partying loudly way past midnight, etc.) - however I stayed the very first week it was opened so I'm sure its to be expected. The decoration was thought out, even if the furnishings were mostly IKEA. I did think the location was perfect for sure. The Surf Instruction was great, REALLY good instructor, but the additional £35 for 2 hours was a bit steep, I thought. Overall, I would stay here again but am hopeful they will sort their kinks out.

Elsa A
Jan 2020

Everything about this place is fantastic. Highly recommend it!!

James B
Jun 2020

Very comfortable place with a good vibe.

Helena A
Mar 2020

cozy and lovely place!