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The Spot For Living

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About The Spot For Living

The Spot for Living is a way to live and share an apartment with other like-minded people. Co-living is fast gaining in popularity across the globe as the younger urban generation increasingly puts more value on flexibility and convenience of living.

It’s important to note that modern co-living comes in all shapes and forms. The term has been used loosely for different kinds of living arrangements: from “big box co-living” buildings with hundreds of small pod-style rooms to family-style apartments turned co-living homes (think of the apartment from “Friends”).

What all these co-living arrangements share is the willingness to create a place to live that both provides some private space as well as plenty of shared space to facilitate community engagements.

The Spot For Living's latest reviews

Tommaso G. Nov 2021 3.00

Good place, but they just do not maintain stuff (elevators, tv sets in the rooms, irons..)

Valentina F Aug 2021 4.00

It is a strategic place for university students, with freedom and security!

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