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UPSTART Coliving Company


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Price from $695 to $795 / month

UP(st)ART is a shared space where artists, actors, musicians, DJs, models, comedians, writers, directors and dancers live, play, collaborate, and create together. We offer month-to-month, no-lease/no-commitment, completely furnished shared rooms (dorm style). Our low monthly cost includes access to all facilities (WiFi, office spaces, recording studios, musical instruments, hot tub, sauna, big screen TVs, HBO, etc.), admittance to all our activities (family dinners, workshops, guest speakers), and a bunk bed or pod bed in one of our guest rooms.

Rent covers one bed in a *shared room* with all utilities included - plus storage space for your clothes and belongings.

UPSTART's latest reviews

Chawa L. Jul 2020

This was a great start for me coming to LA. I didn't really know a lot of people and coliving instantly gives you a community of artists, super creative people who you can connect to, collaborate and build friendships with. I had an amazing time, and met such amazing people. You have to be down to live in a community. They offer super cool classes and they have amenities you can use, as well as several recording studios in different houses. That was for me super important and I am grateful for the time I spent living here. I made some really good friends, and grew on so many levels!

Sam Dec 2019

I'm so grateful for my experience here. Moving to a new city as a foreign person was a daunting prospect. Thanks to I landed in Los Angeles knowing that I had a home and, more importantly, a community ready to welcome me with open arms.It's shared living. Very shared. And of course, that comes with its own pros and cons, but the benefits make it. Beyond cheap rent, you have access to some incredible facilities and a creative network unlike any other. I have huge respect for both Sarah and Jeremiah who have built, and continue to foster, this one-of-a-kind community I'm so thankful to be a part of.New to LA? Looking for something different? Want to find your people in a city of lost souls? This is the place.

Lorenzo C. Dec 2019

What can I say? It is an unbelievable living experience, one where I met so many like minded people, so many friends and artists to collaborate with. With the facilities, the courses they offer, and the rent price, it's definitely a great solution for any creative, social individual. Could not recommend more!!

Julia W. Dec 2019

When I first moved to LA, this place was a huge help for me and my company to hit the ground running. I also met many wonderful people and creatives that I now call friends. I wouldn't be where I am now without it.

Mi L. Nov 2019

This is the best place to land when you move to LA and don't know a lot of people. Housemates became my friends and many of them are like family to me now. I learnt many new skills thanks to the free classes and activities, I was able to practise my art and made a lot of collaborations that brought me more job opportunities later. It's a great transition and it also allowed me to invest my money into my art (classes, headshots, casting websites...) instead of spending it all into the rent. I spent more than a year at Upstart and keep recommending it as it's a wonderful experience that I'll never forget!

Maedrix W. Oct 2019

I lived in this house for a year and a half, and I can easily say it was the best start to my journey in LA.I moved here with barely any money, no friends, or even a place to sleep. When I landed I found a hostel for a few nights and found They gave me a tour of a property and the rest is history.This place brings people together from all walks of life that have one thing in common, they put their passion above all else. I’ve worked with so many talented musicians, photographers, actors, comedians, visual artists, just to name a few.It was a rollercoaster, I experienced all the highs and lows you can think of, and I’m a better person because of it. This is COMMUNITY LIVING so if you aren’t prepared to make compromises be wary. I made some of my best friends, and met my current roommates here.If you’re a creative and crazy enough to move to this city not knowing anyone, or anything about LA, come here. Everybody here is just trying to make it in this city, and I honestly think there is no better place to be for an up and coming artist.

Kelley M. Aug 2019

This place is unorganized and dirty and breeds chaos and no privacy. The bathroom and other common areas are dirty.

Justine S. Aug 2018

It was an overall amazing experience. I met talented souls who helped me grow in my craft. The staff and managers where very accommodating and helpful. Looking forward to returning soon!

omgloudmouth Aug 2018

Moved to Los Angeles from the East Coast and found this coliving right away. Honestly I have no clue what would have happened if I didn't find them and had to move out here knowing no one. Within a week I had more connections and friends than I would have had after three months of being here by myself. I've been out here for a year and a half now and I lived here for the first 11 months. All of my closest friends here are from the same home. You immediately have a family when you move in and they're all out here for similar reasons as you! It becomes very easy to create in an environment like this especially since the houses have LOADS of equipment that you can use. All of those things are great but the added bonus of having very affordable, month to month rent is also unparalleled. If you're moving out here, this should be one of your first two choices.

Elina K. Aug 2018

My name is Elina and I am from Bulgaria. Like a very new person to Los Angeles staying in a coliving I find friends and a family!I met some of my best friends there and I am happy to share that they are and will be friends for​ the rest of my life! A ton of adventures around Los Angeles and California, a ton of support, and LOVE​!