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Price from $695 to $795 / month



UP(st)ART is a shared space where artists, actors, musicians, DJs, models, comedians, writers, directors and dancers live, play, collaborate, and create together. We offer month-to-month, no-lease/no-commitment, completely furnished shared rooms (dorm style). Our low monthly cost includes access to all facilities (WiFi, office spaces, recording studios, musical instruments, hot tub, sauna, big screen TVs, HBO, etc.), admittance to all our activities (family dinners, workshops, guest speakers), and a bunk bed or pod bed in one of our guest rooms.

Rent covers one bed in a *shared room* with all utilities included - plus storage space for your clothes and belongings.

UPSTART's latest reviews

Em H. Nov 2021 5.00

5/5 stars! An instant network in Hollywood, unlimited resources for success and friends for life!Moving to LA is a terrifying thought for anyone just starting out in the entertainment business. You come out here with no connections, no security, no plans and maybe less than $200 in your pocket. In the midst of the dreaded online housing search, I found and without hesitation, reached out to them that day. I'll never forget how easy move-in day was, it almost felt like summer camp! My roommates were actors, directors, designers, cinematographers, musicians, singers, and more, from all over the world. All with similar dreams. I bonded with everyone very quickly, and suddenly I was collaborating with them. If there ever was a space to create and feel motivated while creating, it was my home. One of the first few days living here, one of my roommates was working on set, and a few hours later I was being whisked away to the Disney's Golden Oak Ranch to be an extra for a movie. The management provides tools and connections for every member to help them achieve their goals, because they truly believe in their community. If singers need a studio to record and create, they will build it for them. If directors want to make films, they provides them with all of the resources. For most, it takes many years to establish a network and build traction in this industry, it gave me that same network within days of living there. Not only did they give me a network and provisions for success, they gave me a family, and that is something I'll always have out here.

omgloudmouth Nov 2021 5.00

Moved to Los Angeles from the East Coast and found this coliving right away. Honestly I have no clue what would have happened if I didn't find them and had to move out here knowing no one. Within a week I had more connections and friends than I would have had after three months of being here by myself. I've been out here for a year and a half now and I lived here for the first 11 months. All of my closest friends here are from the same home. You immediately have a family when you move in and they're all out here for similar reasons as you! It becomes very easy to create in an environment like this especially since the houses have LOADS of equipment that you can use. All of those things are great but the added bonus of having very affordable, month to month rent is also unparalleled. If you're moving out here, this should be one of your first two choices.

Alexander C. Nov 2021 5.00

I started my LA career with this coliving and would recommend for others new to LA. This allows a wonderful opportunity to meet likeminded people from all over the world to network and collaborate together in the community. It was truly a home away from home with a supportive group of people that I still talk to and collaborate with. The month to month rent and house studio were great for me. They do a great job of hosting events such as a Yacht Party or a Free Headshots day. A great way to network with the other houses and check out other areas of Los Angeles before you sign a longer lease at a place.

Jennifer L. Oct 2021 5.00

I think it's a good place for creative people who are just moving to LA and need a place to start out at or need a temporary spot while in between homes like I was. I met some really dope people while living here. I needed a spot within a week and my friend told me about coliving which saved my life at the time.

Barely A. Oct 2021 5.00

I lived here for eleven months and it was an absolutely incredible experience. I didn’t know anybody and moved to LA basically blindly and I was so scared that I drove past the house three times before I parked and went in. Right when I moved in I was so welcomed and my nerves were gone, and then within a week of being in the house, I became friends with a few people that literally changed my life and are my best friends to this day. For the first time in my life I felt truly home somewhere. The friendships, experiences, adventures, and collaborations I’ve gotten through upstart have changed my life and I would recommend it to EVERYONE. I even met my boyfriend of nine months in one of the other houses. Move in. Seriously. Now. Don’t come to LA any other way. Thank me later!!

Zenarra J. Oct 2021 5.00

What a great place to be a creative person. There was always someone working on things, like wringing in the office room or playing guitar in the chill room. I found it to be a great place to live and stay motivated and focus on your craft. I’ve met some wildly talented people and have done projects with a few!

Justine S. Oct 2021 5.00

It was an overall amazing experience. I met talented souls who helped me grow in my craft. The staff and managers where very accommodating and helpful. Looking forward to returning soon!

Lley M. Sep 2021 1.50

This place is unorganized and dirty and breeds chaos and no privacy. The bathroom and other common areas are dirty.

Joshua H. Aug 2021 5.00

I moved into this place after graduating college. I didn't know anyone, I didn't know the city, and I didn't know how I was going to make money to survive. After 1 year of being in LA and 8 months living in that place, I have found friends, a great job in my field (hell yes!) and I'm enjoying LA like I never thought I would. There are so many kinds of creatives living here; Audio engineers, writers, graphic illustrators, stand up comics, even stunt women! It is a great place to inspire you to follow your creative path. There are always activities to connect, help or inspire you, as well as resources provided by the management to help you accomplish your projects. They are really good about listening to the residents and working to make the place better for everyone. I always felt safe, and I always felt like there was something to do. If you are scared or nervous about joining, that's okay! You can reach out to me and I can answer any questions that you have. This place was great, you should try it out!

Nahanna R. Aug 2021 5.00

I can say this is an amazing community of artist in LA. It was a great experience to live there for almost one year. I met very talented people, I did amazing friends, and I had wonderful moments living in the house. At first, I lived in Harvard house and then in Van Ness house, in both places I found a very nice and creative space to improve myself as an artist. I loved the detail that they put my name in all the cabins, spaces and things destined for me into the house :) I think is also a great place to do not feel lonely when you are new in a city as big as LA.

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