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Villa Taj

Villa Taj

5.0 (11 reviews)

Price from $3,283 / month

5 (72)

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We have thought and built a 19 rooms villa on a one hectare land facing the Atlas Mountains to make people free and happy to live together, enjoying the moments together but also taking advantage of their own private spaces to be alone when needed.
A venue where people can live together enjoying all the facilities, work together and share together.

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Villa Taj's latest reviews

Hervé B Nov 2021

Phenomenal coliving experience. I give it 5 stars

Nadège Q Sep 2021

Everything was just perfect.

Mikaïl T Jul 2021

A very interesting place to enjoy the live and work experience. I recommend it!

Dimitris E Jul 2021

Beautiful, relax and quiet coliving place!!

Tristan L Jun 2021

I love everything about this coliving space!!

Herve D Feb 2021

Everything in this coliving area was fsntastic. I give it 5 stars¡!

Shamon H Jan 2021

This has been an awesome experience! Friendly service and great staff.

Frédéric C Jan 2021

This is a marvelous paradise. Facilities are beautiful and comfortable for living and working. Can't recommend enough'

Julie F Dec 2020

Perfect place for living and work with great and responsible staff!