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Coworkinn Dahab
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**The CoworkInn Dahab - a coworking space with nomadic tradition |**

A well equipped office space, working in a relaxed setting and a lot of nomad flair - the CoworkInn Dahab, the first coworking space at the Red Sea, has it all.

Dahab has always been a place for nomads; beduins, hippies and now digital nomads. It comes as no surprise to the founder of the CoworkInn, Mira Arnold. She has found her personal oasis and now gives back by offering others the possibility to work in paradise. „This place is just magical. After two days you are more relaxed than ever. It allows you to slow down, focus on yourself and find inner peace. This helps to spark creativity and gives you new energy to get your work done.“

Work and live balance the Dahab way

The CoworkInn Dahab offers its guests a beautiful sitting area right at the sea as well as some more private desks and meeting rooms. There is plenty of space to get in touch with other coworkers and discuss your newest project. The official opening on February 15th saw the firsts guests who escaped the cold European winter in exchange for some sun and fun in Dahab. And that coworking doesn’t only mean work but a lot of fun instead is quickly discovered at the CoworkInn Dahab. During dinner with beduins under the starry sky of the desert coworkers quickly become friends. Watersport lovers favor Dahab already for a long time and so will you if you are into kite surfing or scuba diving. A light but constant breeze lets you fly over the waves while the underwater world beneath will amaze you during your dives.

The CoworkInn is all about community

But just offering a nice place to work and a couple of trips isn’t enough for Mira Arnold; following the nomad tradition she focuses on hospitality and building a community. This makes the CoworkInn Dahab a perfect destination for solo traveling digital nomads. To bring together people with similar interest, some weeks will follow special themes with relating workshops and camps. Daily workouts, workshops and info sessions will allow participants to work on their healthy habits. Certainly there will be camps for scuba divers and kiters in the future. There are also camps like Filmcamps, Digital Nomad camps and Photocamps and a lot of others. The dates and themes at the CoworkInn Dahab are announced on the website.

Mira Arnold still holds a long list of ideas for her coworking space, from workations to special offers for families and team building events for companies. Sure is: there is much to discover at CoworkInn Dahab.

Egypt - a new hotspot for digital nomads?

But what about Egypt in general? Mostly not known to be a digital nomad hotspot, Egypt has some benefits to offer. Only about a five hour flight away from Europe, the country offers fantastic weather conditions, cheap living costs and nomad-friendly visa policies. Most nationalities are given a 30-day visa on arrival, which can be extended to three months easily. It’s also easy to buy SIM cards that give you affordable data packages with which you can work in an acceptable way. Even better: if you stay a minimum of one week at the CoworkInn Dahab a SIM card with your own Egyptian number and 3.5 GB data per week is handed to you!

Women traveling alone - how safe is Egypt?

Being a muslim country that made some headlines with terrorist activity in the past, Egypt struggles with the conception of many travelers - especially women - that the country is unsafe. While this might be true for some parts of North Sinai and some neighborhoods in Cairo - big city problems, like almost any other mega city on this planet - most of the country is very safe to travel.
Outside of Dahab or other tourist areas you might want to keep your knees and shoulders covered walking the streets, but not in Dahab. You will also quickly learn some words in arabic so you can also talk to the locals.

Egypt has a one of the best diving and snorkeling in the world, an amazing cultural heritage - pyramids anyone? - kind-hearted people and now a relaxed coworking space right at the Red Sea. Enough reasons to plan your next trip and visit us at the CoworkInn Dahab.

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Air Conditioning
Cable TV
Chill Out Area
Cleaning (all rooms)
Dining Area
Free Fruit
Hot Water
Meeting Room
Outdoor Space
Single Bedroom(s)
Skype Room
Toilet Paper


Breakfast (included)
Coworking Space
Dinner (chargeable)
Local Discounts
Lunch (chargeable)
Parties (arranged)
Speaker Events
Speaker Events
Swimming Pool


Fire Extinguisher
First Aid Kit
Kid Friendly
Security Guard


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