No.89, Wenzhou St., Da’an Dist
106 Taipei City, Taiwan
USD 250 per month. Apartment
  • 50 Beds
  • 40 Bedrooms
  • 20 Bathrooms
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Coliving apartments:

Let’s rethink the concept of “home.”

Unlike merely sharing a place of habitation,

“coliving” extends our imagination of what a “home” can be.

- 9floor


Since 2014, 9floor has created 5 experimental coliving apartments in Taipei City. Among them, some have their living rooms turned into communal working spaces, their kitchens into venues for communal dining activities, their balconies into quiet spaces for books and coffee etc. Sharing spaces with others for activities is in fact no longer a rare move in Taipei. However, 9floor’s aim is to adopt the practice at home, a place that is essential to our daily life. By doing so, we enrich the meanings of home space with the concept of communal sharing – to share and make use of space through ways that are mutually benefiting – thereby bringing people together in a whole new dimension. This is why we describe our homes as “coliving,” rather than “co-housing,” spaces. What 9floor hopes to provide is more than residences. It is more about the shared living experience. We believe these concepts of coliving will extend and deepen all the meanings a “home” can bring.



Co-housing was first developed as a kind of social welfare for women to share the work of childcare in Northern Europe. As time goes by, different forms of co-housing have been developed in various societies with differing needs. As in Taipei where we are home to, how can co-housing or coliving be achieved?


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