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Acerca de Omega House

Omega House is a co-living & co-working space - a unique concept in Romania that holds under the same roof private and shared rooms, a cafe, a hub, and an unconventional events space.

A place where you can move in entirely and have all your working and living needs meet, or you can enjoy each of the separate services we offer without actually moving in and still enjoy the vibrant community at each visit.

Omega House doesn’t have boundaries, and it’s “home” for people all over the world, be them explorers, digital nomads, or locals who want to live the future today. It’s a place for open-hearted, quick-witted people. People who understand the power of the community and lead a lifestyle based on evolution and giving back.

Being connected to others it’s a basic human need, that’s why at Omega we created a place where you can find people like you, to whom you can talk freely about sensitive subjects, develop innovative business projects, together with whom you can change the way tomorrow looks.


The Omega House vision is a network of coliving communities around the world, each of them creating a beautiful freedom oasis, personal growth, and empowerment, trough the unique, amazing people that walk through its door and give life to it as a HOME.

Our vision is built on values like community involvement, freedom, innovation, and the people that visit us have, before anything else, an open heart. You’ll always find a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, good coffee and out of the box events.


Opening the white front door, you are welcomed by jazz tunes and freshly ground coffee, which you can take to go or serve it in the cozy cafe!

If you’re looking for a way to spend your free time, our library has a selection of over 3000 titles. Personal development, fiction, history... you can take your pick!

The Music Hub is our largest hall - a lounge and events’ space. It has its interior terrace and direct access to a fully equipped kitchen.

We have also thought about you guys, the ones that like to work in a silent and cozy place. Our Quiet Hub has plenty of natural light, a separate meeting room, and two relaxing areas.

You are welcomed to co-live with us either in the private rooms or in the shared ones. Or you can choose to spend a night or two in our Boutique Hotel or one of the dorms.


The Omega story started with Omega Men, an NGO founded by 6 young friends, eager to discover the world inside and outgrow themselves.

They decided to share their multidisciplinary experience by organizing workshops and presentations on topics like communication, relationships, nutrition, fitness, entrepreneurship, meditation dedicated mostly to men.

They chose the name Omega as it sends to a final, more evolved version of ourselves.

Omega House was founded on the same principles one year later, by Ciprian (one of the six guys) and Madalin (his childhood friend), with the support of family and friends, each of the founding members of Omega Men deciding to go on their path, guided by their uniqueness.

Part of Ciprian’s uniqueness, which also became Omega House’s uniqueness, is that he has the gift to attract people with a burning fire inside, that wish to create, share, innovate, evolve, love.
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