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Quatro Anas

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Acerca de Quatro Anas

Quatro Anas was born of a matriarchy - four generations of strong women that transformed their commitment to the community, their skills as creators, their passion for heritage preservation and their wisdom about a life in balance with nature into a beautiful and meaningful life project: Quatro Anas.

Our mission is to share our knowledge, culture, tradition and land with like minded people, while learning from them too.

We want to create a natural environment that empowers the community to create and live in a sustainable balance with nature. Not only the physical space, but the needed tools that will allow our community & guests to embrace creative bold solutions for a simpler way of life.

We will use food, nature, tradition, cultural exchange and the community skills to create a back-to-basics environment.

Our coliving farm is perfect for people that are looking for a safe & quiet place to work & live this winter. Being more present & connected with nature while working with a like-minded community. Wifi, meeting rooms, wide gardens, campfire, pizza nights, organic food & many stories to tell.

At the farm we function as a community of people who join forces to live in harmony: we share chores, try to minimize waste as much as possible and reuse what nature brings us. We are not a hotel, so you shouldn’t expect a hospitality service or experience, rather a house-sharing experience in nature with like-minded people.
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