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Coliving in Kiev

Kiev – Ukraine’s capital city also known as Kyiv – is a fascinating place to live in between the stunning historical sites and museums. The city has a lot to offer for digital nomads and compared to Europe or the US, the cost of living is still very reasonable. In the center of Kiev, English is widely spoken and there are many stylish coliving places available, again at very reasonable prices. Coworking spaces in Kiev are known to be silent and good places to actually get work done if you wish to head out and work with a different view. Kiev also boasts also a thriving tech and start-up scene, setting Kiev up to be one of the next big digital nomad hubs. The community is still small here but set to grow over the
next couple of years. The city is famous for its many museums and also its farmers’ markets, green spaces and botanical gardens. You can take a stroll down the city’s many romantic, tree-lined boulevards. The tall chestnut trees used to be the city’s official symbol. Traffic can be bad at times, but the metro system is cheap and reliable and it’s easy to get out into the countryside and neighboring cities when you fancy a break.

Here are some fun facts about Kiev:
- There is evidence of first settlements in Kiev from 15,000 – 20,000 years ago.
- Today’s city was founded about 1500 years ago, making it one of the oldest cities in Eastern Europe.
- About 3 million people live in Kiev.
- May is the most beautiful month in the city because that’s when the many chestnut trees are in bloom.
- Kiev’s Motherland Statue is 9 m taller than the Statue of Liberty.
- The Motherland Statues sword alone weights 9 tons.
- Zoloti Vorota has been called the most beautiful metro station in the world
- Kiev has one of the world’s largest national libraries.
- Kiev has 228 bodies of open water and also another 16 developed beaches.
- Kiev has the world’s deepest metro station, Arsenalna, at 105 m underground.

Kiev is a multi-cultural hub that is just a three-hour flight away from London or Paris and makes for a great, affordable base as it establishes more coliving spaces here.