About Us

“My life-awakening moment”

It all started back in 2014.

It was in the depths of a cold, snowy winter night that I decided to travel the world for a whole year and escape the freezing confines of Sweden.

I began my journey by flying to San Francisco and booking a room at a local hostel. My experience there can be summed up by a few things: Very little sleep, filthy showers and really bad internet.

As most people surely understand, Airbnb became my savior. But, I was still at the beginning of a year’s worth of travel, I needed to stick to my budget.

I found Hackerhome in Menlo Park for $50 a night, which is a bargain price for that location, which was close to what I wanted to see and do in Silicon Valley. In the end, I stayed at Hackerhome 4 times over the next 2 months.

But it wasn’t the great price that kept me coming back. I just could not seem to get away from the place and the people. My heart was stuck. I had found my tribe! It was a moment that you can only get from a coliving experience.

In the beginning, even as a successful entrepreneur, I felt pretty lonely and lost. Once I became a part of a coliving-space and met like-minded entrepreneurs, this changed overnight.

Making these new relationships and cultivating optimism has made me want to contribute first-hand to the coliving movement. Today, my goal is to promote amazing coliving communities so that digital nomads, remote professionals, or anyone with the desire to explore has the chance to find THEIR tribe.


Yours sincerely.

Daniel Beck

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