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Why list with Coliving.com?

Earn money with Coliving.com

List your property with us and start earning money quickly and effortlessly.

Trust and safety

We provide a safe and trustworthy service, assuring everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Easily Manage Your Space

Add your listing and profile, guaranteeing you a professional front to potential guests.

Listing Builder

Add your listing simple and fast with our easy-to-use Listing Builder.

Low Commission

We only charge once we send you guests.

Our commission is 5 - 15% based on length of stay. The longer stay, the lower commission.

Simple Payouts

We can pay out to local bank accounts in over 160 countries.

We'll send money to your accound the day after the guest moves in.

Availability Calendar

See your bookings and check who is moving in and out each month.

Which kind of spaces do we allow?

Our minimum requirements are:
Like-minded community of 6 people or more.
Communal area(s).
Run by a company (professional host).
Cleaning of communal areas included. Great if bedrooms also was cleaned though - it's a much appreciated bonus.
Fast internet.
Flexible leases. Preferably 1, 3 or 6 months minimum stay.
No pets allowed.
No smoking on premises, except in designated outdoor areas.
Do I need to sign a contact with Coliving.com?
No - no contract is required. If you are not happy, you can simply delete your listing and life goes on. When you add an account with us, you accept our Terms. That is enough for us!
Can I talk to potential guests before we need to accept them?
Sure, he/she might not have given enough info for you to judge if they are a good fit for your community. You may start a chat to get more info from them. Then when ready, you can click "Accept", "Decline" or "Change" booking.
How long will it take until I'm approved?
Normally, we will check the listing and decide within 24 hours.
What if I just want someone to manage my building?
We recommend that you contact an existing coliving operator and make an agreement directly. We do not offer these kinds of services.
How does Coliving.com earn money?
We pay our expenses by charging a commission/fee from each booking that is done through our site.
Can I read your Terms of Service?
Sure, you may follow this link to read more.
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