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What is coliving?

Coliving is a modern form of shared housing for like-minded people to live, work and play together. Fully furnished, specially-designed living spaces create an inspiring environment for people to interact and share experiences.
The biggest value of joining a coliving space is access to the community.

Is coliving for me?

Coliving is for people who value a community alongside individuality.

Residents unite around a common interest of wanting to learn and grow from the people they surround themselves with. They also value the positive environmental impact of sharing resources and costs to reduce waste.

Coliving is perfect for those relocating for a new job, studying for a degree, working remotely, starting a new company, or getting to know a new city.

Young professionals, entrepreneurs, artists, interns, students, travelers, remote workers and many more benefit from a flexible and furnished lifestyle ripe with advantages for themselves, their community and the planet.

The perfect blend of community, convenience, comfort and cost-saving


Coliving spaces are designed to bring people together.

They’re full of inviting, open areas where residents can work and socialize as a group, as well as private bedrooms where you can unwind away from the crowd.


Abound with assistive services and countless amenities

The property managers provide regular cleaning services and employ staff who are either on hand or only a short distance away to help resolve any issues that may arise. This is especially useful if you’re staying in a country where you don’t speak the language, as you won’t need to worry about struggling to communicate when seeking assistance.


Reduce your living costs and build your network

Many have fast and reliable WiFi, laundry services, a fully stocked kitchen, expansive workspaces and leisure areas, community-hosted events, a gym, a swimming pool and a spa on site. Amenities that are often too expensive and out of reach for young professionals are included in your coliving fee.

Considering all of the added benefits, coliving spaces can reduce your living costs by as much as 20% compared to what you would spend when living alone.
Coliving comparison to normal apartment rental
Above all, the experience of living with like-minded people is unparalleled. Waking up every day in a house full of people who have a zest for life is motivational. Likewise, coming home after a long day out and catching up with your coliving community is refreshing.

In an era where loneliness, isolation, living costs and remote work opportunities are at an all-time high, shared living spaces allow you to find your tribe, create lasting friendships and make your money go further.

Contemporary Coliving

A historic concept with a new twist

The idea of coliving is nothing new, but the reason behind its rising popularity today is. In the recent past, the societal norm has been to work hard, buy a house, and move into it with your family. But society is going through a change and again, we’re choosing to live in coliving communities, but with a modern spin.

The Internet has transformed the way we interact with others and the way we can earn a living. We’re also more mobile than ever before. We can easily move or travel to a new city to attend school, start a new job, or simply to see if we want to move there permanently. We can even work from anywhere in the world on our computers, which has opened up an array of new lifestyle choices.

Companies also have a lot to gain from providing coliving options for their new hires. As housing and rental prices continue to skyrocket, it can be difficult for employees to relocate for work without breaking the bank. By partnering with coliving spaces, companies can help their employees make the transition smooth and cost-effective. The flexible lease terms make it incredibly easy to settle into a new city and are more convenient and hassle-free than traditional rental options.

Coliving is gaining traction today because it’s a great way to save both resources and money. As living costs are increasing, and the planet’s natural reserves are decreasing, you can save money and help to reduce your environmental impact by moving into a coliving space.

So while coliving isn’t a new idea, the reasons for why we’re choosing coliving communities today are.

The coliving narrative from past to present

Coliving infographic 1
Bording Houses

A house providing food and shelter for paying guests.
Meals are shared in a common area and the space provides an opportunity for social mixing.
The landlord or landlady often lives at the property.

Coliving infographic 2
Flatshares and house shares

Renting a private flat, house or apartment with only a few roommates or housemates.
The landlord/landlady does not live in the space, and it offers a more a private setting than the larger communal boarding house environment.

Coliving infographic 3
Hacker houses

For people who want to boost their career opportunities by living, working and socializing with like minded individuals.
Most famously, people in tech industry choose to live in as they provide an intellectual and social stimulant.

Coliving infographic 4
Purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA)

Built specifically for students studying at college or university.
They are often designed with many private or shared rooms surrounding a communal kitchen and living space.
Students eat, sleep, study, and socialize within this shared and social space.

Coliving infographic 5
Intentional communities (Coliving)

A group of people who choose to live together to fulfill a common purpose.
Any coliving community we've seen throughout history could fit this mold, but many were driven out of a need rather than a desire.
Today, the need:desire ratio is split down the middle, as people are making more intentional and conscious choices to share resources and costs while also valuing the community and professional aspect that coliving provides.

An inspiring way to build your network

The furnished spaces make it easy to move in or out whenever you please.

All of the utilities and additional amenities are included in the price so you never face any financial surprises. The entire process from move in to departure is straightforward and transparent.
If the water heater breaks, for example, you’re not liable to pay for any of the repair costs or wait around for hours until the repairman shows up. Your time is precious and the responsibility for household maintenance doesn’t fall on you.
Many coliving communities host weekly or monthly events where the current residents head to a movie or show, attend an exhibit, or stay in for a games night. Whatever the occasion, it’s an opportunity for residents to spend intentional time together and form connections within the community.
Often, residents also end up creating their own gatherings. Young professionals may find themselves giving each other business tips over breakfast. Or, several artists may plan a joint exhibition together during the day. Perhaps one night over dinner, the group will plan to join forces the following weekend by pooling their skills together to help a local non-profit.
Come with a few belongings and an open mind, and you’ll leave with a full heart and new friends


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Our partner properties are abundant with amenities and our community is full of life.

At, we value:

●   Community alongside individuality
●   Intentionality over apathy
●   Openness and collaboration over competition
●   Sharing over consumption
●   Inquiry and experimentation over the status quo
●   Responsibility and action over cynicism and resignation