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Über Komune Living

A new way to LIVE, WORK & PLAY is coming soon in Bangsar South.
More than a hotel, Komune Living is a brand-new co-living concept with private studios, community facilities, and a great location at the intersection of Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya.

Community & collaboration
We are all about creating communities that lift you up to where you want to be, while building an ideal lifestyle based on collaboration. Simply because open and uplifting communities achieve more meaningful milestones.

Curious & open-minded
We embrace change and new ways to live. We're always looking for something new and interesting things to explore. We value openness and sharing, and we’re always ready to meet and connect with new people and try new things.

Connected & robust
What begins as a single dot, develops meaning and transforms into mighty creations when more and more dots are connected and combined. That’s why we believe when individuals come together to form a well-connected community, we are at our strongest.
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