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Coliving nella città di Taichung

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Città di Taichung

Coliving nella città di Taichung

Taichung is the second-largest city in all of Taiwan with high rises as far as the eye can see. If you feel best suited in an urban environment then this is a great coliving choice for you to start remote working. The city has nearly three million people living here and is pressed up against the coast overlooking the South China sea. The city was originally named under Japanese rule and became a major cultural and economic hub for the country. The city is home to many national buildings as well, such as the National Museum of Natural Science, the National Museum of Fine Arts, the National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra, and many more!

With so much diversity and things to do, this is quickly becoming the prime spot in Taiwan to work as a digital nomad. With an abundant amount of nightlife and restaurants, you will always have something to do during your free time when not working. Taichung is home to many outdoor activities as well, including a natural hot spring and hiking/biking trails for outdoor enthusiasts. Coming from western countries and trying to find the perfect place to call your new hub can be hard. One reason may be your love for sports. When you can’t find that football game on TV, you may find some comfort in the fact that Taichung is home to a professional baseball team. Maybe you will have a new favorite team before long.

There is no mass transit system in place in Taichung, which can make it seem difficult to get around. But there are plenty of taxis and buses to assist you. Scheduled in late 2020 is the grand opening of the subway system, so by the time you make the move to Taichung, you may be able to enjoy the newest and fastest way to get around. The city is also home to the newest airport in Taiwan. Although it’s not the biggest airport in the country, you can still get to almost anywhere in southeast Asia on a direct flight.

Fun facts about Taichung City:
- Taichung City territory includes also vast areas, with forests and mountains of more than 3,000 meters of altitude
- The name Taichung literally means “Central Taiwan“. This name was given by the Japanese under Japanese rule
- Taichung has a reputation to have the best climate in Taiwan. Winters are not as cold Taipei and summers are as stifling as in Southern Taiwan

Finding affordable communal living in Taichung City

Finding affordable housing in Taichung City can be tough, especially in cities with high rent prices. One solution that many people turn to is communal living with shared spaces and roommates. This can be a cost-effective way to have a private room while still being able to afford rent in a desirable location. There are a few different options for finding a shared living arrangement in Taichung City. One option is to look for a private room for rent in a coliving home. This can be a good option for people who want some privacy, but still want to be part of a community. Another option is to look for a shared room, where you'll be sharing a bedroom with one or more roommates. This can be more affordable, as you'll only be responsible for paying for your own bed. The downside is that you'll have less privacy, as you'll be sharing a bedroom with others. You can find both accommodation options on We can help you find a compatible roommate based on your preferences and lifestyle. Some hosts do background checks and eviction history checks to ensure that the roommates you're living with are trustworthy individuals. When looking for a shared living arrangement, it's important to do your due diligence and make sure that you're comfortable with the living arrangement and the people you'll be living with.

Che cos'è il coliving?

Il coliving è una nuova tendenza tra i millennial di affittare appartamenti condivisi. Se vi state trasferendo a Taichung City per lavoro o se state semplicemente cercando un nuovo appartamento, il co-living a Taichung City è un buon modo per risparmiare e vivere con persone che la pensano allo stesso modo. Il co-living mette insieme persone con background diversi e le incoraggia a interagire, collaborare e formare nuove amicizie. Rispetto ai dormitori, il coliving è molto più attraente, poiché è relativamente economico, tutto compreso e permette di affittare una stanza arredata con un contratto individuale.

Alloggi sociali e a prezzi accessibili nella città di Taichung

Cercate un'opzione abitativa sociale e conveniente nella città di Taichung? Prendete in considerazione il coliving, una tendenza che si sta diffondendo negli affitti di appartamenti condivisi e che riunisce persone provenienti da contesti diversi per vivere, lavorare e stringere nuove amicizie. I coliving a Taichung City sono un'alternativa economica ai dormitori e offrono stanze ammobiliate con contratti di locazione individuali e prezzi all-inclusive.

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