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  • Flexible Monthly stays Choose the convenience and flexibility of monthly stays – our short leases make it easy to relocate quickly if your job demands it.
  • Convenient Move-in-ready Don't move around with heavy furniture. All coliving spaces are fully furnished for comfort and convenience.
  • Affordable All-included Affordable rent without having to compromise on quality. Utilities, Wi-Fi, and cleaning costs are included in one price.
  • Social Built-in community Join a built-in community that is supportive and welcoming – Sharing with others helps you find meaning, belonging and acceptance in life.

What is included

Save up to 40% compared to living in a studio

Fully furnished
Streaming services
Kitchen essentials
Work space
Community & networking
Laundry services *
Pool *
Gym *
* Amenities may vary depending on the coliving space

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I stayed here 3 months and it has been a blast! This platform has places that don't deserve to be called coliving, but this one is for real. Laura is creating the first digital community in (...)

Staying at this Coliving was exactly what I needed to be welcomed in Floripa. The perfect step stone for what seems it's gonna be my life here. There's really a nice and familiar vibe among (...)

Staying at this Coliving for a month was a wonderful experience that is worth repeating. The lovely town of Sines has just the right size if you want to escape the big city. I had such a gre (...)

Great coliving with big and comfortable rooms, a spacious and well-equipped coworking space, and a gym with everything I needed. The team is very friendly. I had a great time and met interes (...)

Modern clean hotel in student’s area close to city centre with a very productive atmosphere and great hosts who take care of you. Highly recommended.

10/10 Very good sociable place. best views.

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