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2. Get approved

We carefully look at your application and your profile to determine if you match our community. You may be asked follow-up questions or to provide more details about yourself.
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3. Move in and enjoy

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Why stay with us

  • Flexible Monthly stays Leases are as short as a month. This flexibility is ideal if you work in a field that may require you to relocate with little notice.
  • Convenient Move-in-ready Don't move around with heavy furniture. All coliving spaces are fully furnished for comfort and convenience.
  • Affordable All-included Affordable rent without having to compromise on quality. Utilities, Wi-Fi, and cleaning costs are included in one price.
  • Social Built-in community A community is strong catalyst for a meaningful life. Having others to share our highs and lows with gives a stronger sense of purpose and acceptance.

What is included

Save up to 40% compared to living in a studio

Fully furnished
Streaming services
Kitchen essentials
Work space
Community & networking
Laundry services *
Pool *
Gym *
* Amenities may vary depending on the coliving space

What our community is saying

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Lovely villa style accommodation with nice share kitchen and decent wifi. Would recommend renting a car so you can drive to the beach for a swim, shop and explore the island.

In love with this place. He couldn't be more perfect. Perfect balance between intimacy, sociability and work. Perfect for rediscovering natural rhythms, breathing, seeing things from perspe (...)

This place is another level of amazing! I regret not joining the events more because it seems like a great way of building a community quite fast and making new friends even for solo travell (...)

This coliving is by far the best experience I have had so far while traveling: the house itself is just incredible with everything you need to enjoy your stay (great rooms, rooftop, social c (...)

Great experience. I had a large room suitable for working in all day if I wanted. Internet speed excellent. Shared lavatories and showers, and kitchen were never too busy, never had to wait. (...)

The staff were warm and welcoming, and there was such a diverse group of people staying there. Everyone I met was so kind and friendly - I loved hearing everyone's stories and got great reco (...)

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