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2. Get approved

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3. Move in and enjoy

Once your booking is confirmed, pack your bag and begin your next coliving journey. A great community in your new home is awaiting you.

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Why stay with us

  • Flexible Monthly stays Leases are as short as a month. This flexibility is ideal if you work in a field that may require you to relocate with little notice.
  • Convenient Move-in-ready Don't move around with heavy furniture. All coliving spaces are fully furnished for comfort and convenience.
  • Affordable All-included Affordable rent without having to compromise on quality. Utilities, Wi-Fi, and cleaning costs are included in one price.
  • Social Built-in community A community is strong catalyst for a meaningful life. Having others to share our highs and lows with gives a stronger sense of purpose and acceptance.

What is included

Save up to 40% compared to living in a studio

Fully furnished
Streaming services
Kitchen essentials
Work space
Community & networking
Laundry services *
Pool *
Gym *
* Amenities may vary depending on the coliving space

What our community is saying

Love where you live. 21,000+ reviews to help you select the best coliving.

I loved the place and would permanently live there if I could. Everything is new and nicely decorated, the team was super kind and attentive to our needs. The rooms were huge, the kitchen (...)

Staying here was an absolutely lovely experience. The dorms are very nice and cozy, the beds were very comfy and the bedding very nice. The co-working space is in a very brightly lit room an (...)

Very positive experience, Raquel is great and everyone I met - there were several as people come and go - were lovely. Definitely would go back again next time I'm in Las Palmas.

Amazing place, a great location and is perfect for coworking!

Very advisable to work and study, which is what I was looking for. The site is tranquil, with good areas to develop the working day and disconnect when you feel like it. The rooms are very (...)

I didn’t know what to expect (first time coliving for me) and it was awesome and way above my expectations. Thank you for a great time!

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