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Habitaciones en alquiler en el Reino Unido

The United Kingdom, consisting of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, has long been a dream destination for many travelers for equally many reasons. It lies to the northwest part of Europe, separated only by the English Channel from the European mainland.
At the apex of its colonial dominance in the 1920s, this military and economic powerhouse ruled about a fifth of the world’s total land area, containing a quarter of the global population.
UK weather can range from cold to moderate with constant rainfall scattered all year round. During the summer, you can expect its southern parts to be warmer (sometimes reaching up to 38 degrees Celsius in some areas) compared to the northern portions of the Kingdom, which are generally cooler.

Digital nomads who wish to combine work and relaxation in the UK will have plenty of exciting options for coliving spaces within the Kingdom.
The official language is English, although Celtic languages like Irish, Welsh, Scottish Gaelic and Cornish are also widely spoken. In the de facto capital city of London (where 30% of the residents are believed to be born outside the UK), more than 300 languages are actually spoken due to its large immigrant population.
It is said that in the UK, you can notice distinctive changes in accents every 40 km or so–fun fact!

UK food is typically hearty and satisfying. Among the traditional favorites are: fish ’n chips, puddings (either apple crumble, bread and butter, spotted dick, trifle or summer pudding), pies (such as cottage, shepherd’s, steak and kidney or Cornish pasty), haggis (a Scottish favorite), bangers and mash, Lancashire hotpot, Sunday roast, and a full English breakfast consisting of bacon, sausage, fried egg, toasted bread, fried mushrooms, and black pudding.
A testament to the British openness in embracing foreign culinary influences is the popularity of chicken tikka masala, an Indian-inspired spicy curry dish adapted to the British palate that has become so widely accepted that it is now regarded as UK’s national dish.

The British people are passionate about sports. While you are there, you can work up a sweat by playing some individual or team sport with the locals.
There’s a good chance the game that you will be playing will most likely have originated in the UK. Popular sports such as football, rugby, cricket, field hockey, golf, tennis, badminton, squash, table tennis and boxing all trace their humble beginnings to the UK.

Finding affordable communal living in United Kingdom

Finding affordable housing in United Kingdom can be tough, especially in cities with high rent prices. One solution that many people turn to is communal living with shared spaces and roommates. This can be a cost-effective way to have a private room while still being able to afford rent in a desirable location. There are a few different options for finding a shared living arrangement in United Kingdom. One option is to look for a private room for rent in a coliving home. This can be a good option for people who want some privacy, but still want to be part of a community. Another option is to look for a shared room, where you'll be sharing a bedroom with one or more roommates. This can be more affordable, as you'll only be responsible for paying for your own bed. The downside is that you'll have less privacy, as you'll be sharing a bedroom with others. You can find both accommodation options on We can help you find a compatible roommate based on your preferences and lifestyle. Some hosts do background checks and eviction history checks to ensure that the roommates you're living with are trustworthy individuals. When looking for a shared living arrangement, it's important to do your due diligence and make sure that you're comfortable with the living arrangement and the people you'll be living with.

¿Que es un coliving?

Coliving es una nueva tendencia entre los millennials para alquilar pisos compartidos. Tanto si te mudas al Reino Unido por motivos de trabajo como si simplemente buscas un nuevo apartamento, Coliving en el Reino Unido es una buena manera de ahorrar dinero y vivir con personas afines. Coliving pone en contacto a personas de diferentes orígenes y les anima a interactuar, colaborar y formar nuevas amistades. En comparación con los dormitorios, Coliving es mucho más atractivo, ya que es relativamente barato, con todo incluido y permite alquilar una habitación amueblada con un contrato individual.

Vivienda asequible y social en el Reino Unido

¿Busca una opción de vivienda asequible y social en el Reino Unido? Considere el coliving, una tendencia en el alquiler de apartamentos compartidos que reúne a personas de diversos orígenes para vivir, trabajar y hacer nuevas amistades. Coliving en el Reino Unido es una alternativa rentable a los dormitorios, que ofrece habitaciones amuebladas con contratos de arrendamiento individuales y precios con todo incluido.

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