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ARC gets its flavour from a unique blend: spacious loft-style apartments and studios with an on-site fitness & wellness centre, communal lounge and sky bar with rooftop terrace in a building alive with character. Bet on it: the definition of ‘quality space’ will never be the same again!

ARC hooks you up with multiple services at affordable prices, making life noticeably easier and saving you time, the one thing you can’t buy… Quality time you get to spend with friends, family or flying solo.

At ARC, you can share what you don’t use on a daily basis, like washing machines, small tools, bicycles and more. An app plugs residents into shared services and creates a miniature, local sharing Economy. Your budget and the planet will be grateful!

Unique concept of CoLiving located in the new district of Val Benoit, in Liège.
Private lofts from 35 to 65 m² for rent, with access to large common areas (fitness, wellness, lounge, library, etc.)
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