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Coliving in Thailand

Located in southeast Asia, Thailand has a population of almost 69 million and has a rich and diverse landscape. In the north, there are dramatic mountain ranges and rivers, central Thailand is full of gently rolling plains, while the south has soft sandy beaches.
There are three official seasons in Thailand - hot, cool and wet - with a particularly long monsoon season. April and May are the warmest months of the year.
Buddhism is integral to Thai culture and there are countless temples around the country which are worth a visit. Wat Phra Sri Sanphet is one of the best, located in Ayutthaya, a city which was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991.

Thailand is one of the most popular places for backpackers and students taking a gap year, and coliving offers an affordable way of extending your stay. Top cities for digital nomads include Phuket, Chiang Mai and Ko Pha-ngan.
The cuisine of Thailand is fragrant and spicy and varies depending on which region you stay in. However, wherever you are you will find lots of fresh and exotic fruit, including the more unusual jackfruit, chompu and durian.

The Thai people are some of the friendliest in the world and it’s the reason the country has earned the nickname of The Land of Smiles.
For a spot of shopping, Bangkok offers plenty of variety with some of the best markets that can be found anywhere. Chatuchak Weekend Market is arguably the most interesting of them all, with more than 15,000 stalls to browse around.

Facts about Thailand:
- Thailand has rich and diverse wildlife with one in ten of all of the world’s animal species living here
- The head is believed to be sacred - you should never touch a Thai person, even a child, on this part of the body
-The proper name for Bangkok is “Krungthepmahanakhon Amonrattanakosin Mahintharayutthaya Mahadilokphop Noppharatratchathaniburirom Udomratchaniwetmahasathan Amonphimanawatansathit Sakkathattiyawitsanukamprasit” but locals normally just call it “Krung Thep” which loosely translates as City of Angels
- Due to the large number of canals and waterways (which have since been filled in), Thailand used to be known as the Venice of the East
- Thailand is home to a breed of fish that can walk on land and even climb trees; the uniquely bizarre mudskipper.
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