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Coliving in Brazil

Covering nearly half the landmass of South America, Brazil is the definition of diversity. Within the country's borders, visitors can find deserts, lush jungles, sprawling urban meccas like Rio de Jenaro and Sao Paulo, and quiet coastal villages and inland farms. Diversity also well-describes Brazilian people; locals can trace their roots to all corners of the globe, and visitors are welcomed with open arms. The main language is Portuguese, so phrases such as Obrigado (Thank you) and Bom Dia! (Good morning) will take you a long way.

Most freelancers find themselves in well-placed coliving arrangements in the center of Sao Paulo. The megacity is Brazil's financial capital and the site of a robust start-up and tech-minded community. Brazil has a number of must-sees that fall can be categorized as natural and man-made wonders of the world.

The Amazon River snakes through the country for almost 7,000km. There are a variety of Amazon cruises that range from easygoing sightseeing to daring rapid-filled adventures. Many include excursions into the jungle where you can get up close and personal with the animals that call the Amazon home, including the playful Pink River Dolphin and the curious Squirrel monkey.

Fun Facts about Brazil
- The 38-meter tall Christ Redeemer statue is sculpted in an Art Deco style and located high up in the Corcovado mountains surrounding Rio.
- There may be as many as 70 indigenous groups living in the jungles of Brazil that have no contact with the modern world.
- Brazilian cuisine has a notable Japanese influence due to the large numbers of Japanese people who immigrated there in the aftermath of WWII.
- Carnival originated as a festival for practicing Catholics to binge on meat before going on a more restricted diet for Lent. Today, Carnival is one of Brazil's biggest attractions. During Carnival, over 2 million people line the streets alongside flashy floats, energetic dancers, and lively bands playing hearty Samba music.
- Rio's legendary Copacabana Beach was made famous by its ability to attract high-profile tourists like Princess Diana.
- The Brazilian National Soccer Team holds the record for most World Cup wins.
- A third of the coffee beans used worldwide are exported from Brazil.
- Besides Chile and Ecuador, Brazil shares a border with every other country in South America.
- In Brazil, people say hello with a kiss or two or three on the cheek. The number of kisses varies by region, so just pay attention and do what the Brazilians do!
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