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Coliving in Canada

Canada is a very popular location for coworking and coliving because of its great outdoors and because English is spoken everywhere removing the language barriers that remote workers might have to grapple with elsewhere. Even in the French-speaking province of Quebec, most people can speak English.

Montréal is high on many a nomad’s list for both short-term and long-term stays. The picturesque city in Quebec is popular with tourists and digital nomads alike. However, WiFi and phone data plans are notoriously expensive here. Neighboring Quebec City offers better plans and speeds. Still, both cities offer great coworking spaces in a stunning setting.

Vancouver is also a popular albeit more expensive choice. Here, coliving spaces are key as the city is in the top three in the world for real estate prices.

All Canadian cities have distinct seasons that are celebrated with many local festivals. German, French, Irish and other European and more recently immigrant cultures have shaped the country. And so today there is a lot to explore and many outdoor activities to be enjoyed all over Canada.

Here are some fun facts about Canada:

- About 35 million people live in Canada.
- Canada is the second biggest country on Earth after Russia and it’s capital Ottawa is also the second coldest capital after Moscow.
- Canada also has the world’s longest coastline. That’s a lot of unspoiled beaches!
- Wasaga beach is the world's longest freshwater beach in the world.
- Canada’s border with the US is over 8,800 kilometers long making it the longest land border in the world.
- There are more than 30,000 lakes in Canada.
- 70% of the world's maple syrup comes from Canada and most of that from Quebec province.
- The coldest parts of the country can get to -40 degrees in winter!
- British Columbia gets 330 days of rain a year on average.

With its welcoming locals and beautiful, unspoiled nature, Canada is perfect for English and French-speaking remote workers who are looking for coliving and coworking experiences in one of the safest and friendliest countries on Earth.
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