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Coliving in Peru

Think of South America and the first destination the pops in people’s minds is Peru - and for good reason! Peru is a haven for adventurous digital nomads, making it the perfect coliving spot for any remote worker who wants to get a taste of all that South America has to offer.

Love food trips and discovering new dishes? Peru’s cuisine will have you craving for at least a dish of local food per day. It’s majorly composed of dishes from the indigenous population of the Inca tribe with a touch of European influences.

For destinations, reading and following a guidebook on Peru will be overwhelming for any traveler. This country just has a limitless number of spots you should visit and experiences to try. For one, the world-famous Machu Picchu can be found in Peru. It’s famous for hiking enthusiasts.

Feeling extra adventurous? Embark on discovering the much-raved-about Rainbow Mountain - which actually looks like a rainbow slapped on mountainous terrains. This mountain is officially called the Vinicunca or the Mountain of Seven Colors. As beautiful as it is, it’s also a bit harder to find than other destinations.

The coworking scene is also thriving in Peru and even the coliving trend has reached the country! This gives you more chances to meet like-minded locals and fellow daring travelers, making your trip to Peru even more memorable.

Fun facts about Peru:

- Peru’s capital is Lima
- The currency is called Sol
- It’s located at the western part of South America
- Three-quarters of the alpaca population can be found in Peru
- The world’s deepest canyon can be found in Peru
- The potato originated from Peru
- Peru is also home to the world’s highest sand dune

Peru is a natural and cultural wonder in itself. There’s no shortage of experiences to try and adventures to go on while in this country. If you’re a digital nomad, coliving in Peru is an experience you should never pass up.
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