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Coliving in Panama

You will find Panama in Central America, bordered by Costa Rica, where Spanish settlers once conquered and colonised. A Latin American country, Panama is much like it’s bordering countries - multicultural, diverse, and with a little something for everyone. Known mostly for its coffee farms, the country is actually a popular tourist destination, where it feels like summer all year round.
With both the Caribbean and Pacific oceans to choose from, it is easy to spend most of your time on the beach here. Digital nomads will enjoy the sunshine and laid back atmosphere that you will find if you decide to find a coliving space in Panama. However, don’t let the paradise-like country fool you - there is a cosmopolitan atmosphere that is impossible to miss when looking at areas like Panama City.

Its sweeping, glittering skyscrapers and ever expanding subway is also a fantastic location to try coliving too, where you will find ambitious people to work with. The mix of relaxing beach with great nightclubs and restaurants is refreshing and bordering on idyllic.
Panama also holds an interesting Spanish history - not surprising as it is a Spanish speaking country. You will find ruined Spanish forts on its coastlines, Spanish dancing, and fusion cuisine that includes techniques and ingredients from African and Native American roots.

There is so much to do here - take a salsa class, explore the rainforest, surf, scuba dive with whale sharks. There is an incredible wealth of natural beauty in this country, and of course lots of native wildlife that you will not get to see so easily anywhere else, like howling monkeys, sea turtles and whales. It’s all available to enjoy in Panama.

Facts about Panama:
- Panama City is the only capital city in the world with a rainforest inside its’ boundaries.
- Panama was the first Latin American country to adopt the US dollar.
- Panama has two independence days, from Spain and from Columbia.
- There are over 10,000 different species of plants found in Panama.
- In Panama you can watch the sunrise over the Pacific ocean and set over the Atlantic ocean.
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