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About Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is one of the five US territories. Most Puerto Ricans can speak fluent English aside from their native Spanish language.
There are various wonderful tourist attractions in Puerto Rico, ranging from beaches and waterfalls to parks and museums, and a multitude of other enjoyable activities.
The country is famous for its breathtaking natural scenery. They boast over 270 miles of beaches for you to enjoy.
For those who want to work up a sweat, volleyball, basketball, and boxing are the most popular sports in the country. You may engage in a game or a friendly match with the locals during your time there.

Puerto Rican food hails from several culinary influences such as Spanish, American, British, and African cuisine. Some of the most popular foods in Puerto Rico are mofongo (deep-fried green plantains), pernil (slow-roasted marinated pork shoulder), and sancocho (super-filling beef stew).
For digital nomads, there are multiple options for coliving spaces in Puerto Rico, which are perfect for work and relaxation.
The legal age for drinking is 18. The Bacardi rum factory, the largest rum distillery in the world, can be found in Puerto Rico. Rum is the most popular drink among the locals.

The official currency is the US dollar, although the locals usually call it the “peso” or “dolar.”
Plaza Las Americas in San Juan, Puerto Rico is among the most commercially successful malls per square foot in the world.

Fun facts about Puerto Rico:
• The country has numerous blue sand beaches due to the presence of high amounts of iron in the sand
• El Yunque, the only tropical rainforest listed in the US forest system, can be found in Puerto Rico
• Puerto Rico’s streets are usually decked with blue cobblestones
• San Juan, Puerto Rico is home to the second busiest port for cruise ships in the Western Hemisphere
• Traffic signs are labeled in Spanish, so better brush up on your Spanish language skills before heading there
• Americans are not required to bring passports when traveling to Puerto Rico, but bring a photo ID card just in case
• 85% of Puerto Ricans are Catholics
• When greeting someone in public, it is considered good manners to kiss the person on the cheek
• The temperature is a balmy 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit practically the whole year