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Coliving in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is home to a population of 61,672,37 with a heavy Spanish influence due to the conquest of the country by the Spanish Empire in the 1800s. Although it is a small country, it is the largest in Central America, connecting North and South America with Latin American vibes. The country is multi-cultural and coliving spaces here focus on comfort and offer opportunities to live and work in paradise.
Having such an amalgamation of cultures, including European, African and Asian, means that the cuisine and arts of Nicaragua are unique and diverse. The most common food to eat is a mix of Spanish and Creole, such as ‘gallo pinto’, a daily dish that the locals love. Travelling on a budget is easy here, as living is cheap, and Nicaragua can act as a base whilst you explore the surrounding countries freely.

It is the colonial influence that brings the small towns in the country it’s own distinct identity. They are vibrant places to live with a vibrant people, and you will find both perfectly preserved architecture in its’ cathedrals and squares, and run down houses not inhabited since the revolution.
The landscape in Nicaragua are as equally diverse as the culture. The beaches lie stunning and untouched, with perfectly clear oceans, surrounded on the other side by dense rainforest. Volcanoes also dominate the landscape, offering a jaw-dropping background to enjoy when you aren’t busy working in one of the many communal living spaces. There are lakes and areas of natural beauty that rival any in the rest of Central America.

If you are an adventurer, then Nicaragua is a must to visit, because outside activities are easily found and enjoyed here. The locals are enthusiastic and energetic, ready to help you take on whatever it is you want to try, whether that’s exploring underwater caves, getting lost in the jungle, or braving waters where alligators lurk.
Despite the beauty of this country, however, it remains mostly unvisited, meaning that there are still so many places to explore and things to learn. The underdevelopment of this country might be strange, but it also means room for creativity and productivity that you may struggle to find in a coliving space in any other country.
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