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Coliving in Colombia

Colombia is quickly becoming a destination and open secret for the digital nomad community. The cost of living is low, while the quality of life is remarkably high. Nomads are flocking to the start-up hubs of Medellin and Cartagena, and the availability of coliving spaces is steadily increasing for those who are innovative and technologically-oriented.
Colombia touches the tip of Central America, effectively serving as a bridge between the Caribbean and the remainder of South America. Colombian culture is a true reflection of its diverse population. The merging of Indigenous, African, and European traditions and cultures can be seen in the music, food, and festivals celebrated in Colombia. The most notable and well-known festival is Carnival.

The capital, Bogotá, has become a top tourist destination, drawing millions of visitors every year. Markets in Bogotá are well worth perusing. You can find everything from freshly harvested fruits and vegetables to handmade leather goods crafted by local artisans. Low-cost airlines connect all the major cities in Colombia, which means traveling across the country is simple and convenient.
The pristine waters of the Pacific and Caribbean Ocean line Colombia’s coasts. Its beaches are perfect for snorkeling, diving, and sun-bathing. The oceans provide delicious seafood, such as fried Mojarra, which is often served with a heaping side of rice and beans.
Take a stroll down any of Colombia's largest cities and you will come across elegant colonial-era buildings painted in warm shades of coral and a variety of tasty treats sold on every street corner. In the evening, you will find a vibrant nightlife scene. If you want to slow your pace and reconnect with nature, then day trips to untouched pieces of paradise can be easily arranged from any major city.

From Medellin, the forest reserve Parque Arví is only a breathtaking cable car ride away from the city's main metro. In Cartagena, you can hop on a boat that departs from the harbor and head to the charming Rosario Islands for a day of sun and sea.
Scattered throughout Colombia are archaeological sites containing the remnants of pre-Columbian empires. One of the most famous sites is Ciudad Perdida, or the "Lost City." The six-day trek is well worth the stunning viewpoints rewarded to those who make it to the top.
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