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About Earthē

Better Home. Better Health. Better Planet.

Your everyday getaway! Earthē & Co is a multifamily, resort-like hybrid that addresses the fundamental shifts in today's market.

Earthē cultivates the best of mindful living with climate-smart architecture and extraordinary services, designed to elevate life & tread lightly on the planet.

Offering a membership platform to eco-luxury rental communities and health and wellness members club, where you can LIVE, VISIT, WORK or PLAY and feel like you’re on vacation, all the time!

Enjoy a rejuvenating getaway or long-term retreat in some of the most vibrant places throughout the U.S , connect to nature without the hassle of a long commute. Stay in thriving nature-rich environments while still being near dining, shopping, fitness, entertainment and employment options.

Easy entry and exit, flexible leases, locations and layouts with fully furnished options, in beautiful tech-driven, eco living spaces.

Our branded members club offerings are designed to give our members the opportunity to reset and refresh their mind, body and wellbeing, any time, any place.

We invite you to move more, play more and create healthier habits: meet “your folks” and stay connected wherever you are, with a subscription at Play Earthē , members can expand their playground by continuing to enjoy the hospitality offered on-site at off-site immersions. Members get access to epic events, mindful experiences, meaningful gatherings, workouts, and masterclasses, including welcoming workspaces, concierge conveniences, preferred bookings, discounted rates and on-demand connections in "earthē’s aura", our digital twin in the Metaverse. With additional offers and invites from our partner organizations, from coaching to advanced holistic programs and signature retreats in a variety of destinations.
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