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We build neighborhoods that make a living and work better.

Good neighborhood hotels, apartments, and workspaces connect communities worldwide.

We build thoughtfully designed, all-inclusive living and working spaces that offer exceptional amenities and a connected community.

We believe that thriving neighborhoods are the lifeblood of our society, and our mission is to bring them to life. We are building the future of connected living and workspace experiences, and our journey begins with you.

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Anga T Mar 2024 4.00

I stayed here for a month, and I can confidently say it's a great place. The accommodations were comfortable, and the common areas were always clean and well-maintained. The atmosphere is exceedingly welcoming, making it easy to interact and form connections with other residents. The staff was helpful and always available to assist with any needs or questions. Living here provided a seamless experience, combining the conveniences of coliving and coworking spaces admirably.

Danica B Feb 2024 5.00

I had a wonderful stay at this coliving space! From the moment I arrived, I felt welcomed and right at home. The amenities offered were top-notch, providing everything I needed for a comfortable stay and efficient work. The communal areas were always clean and well-maintained, making it easy to interact with other residents and share experiences.

The location was perfect, surrounded by a variety of dining and entertainment options that I took full advantage of during my stay. The staff was incredibly friendly and went above and beyond to ensure my stay was pleasant, offering helpful tips and support whenever needed.

My room was spacious, well-furnished, and offered the privacy I needed while the shared spaces allowed for social interaction when I sought it. The WiFi was reliable, which was crucial for my work, and I found the coliving and coworking spaces conducive to productivity.

I stayed for a month and it was an unforgettable experience. I met several interesting people from different backgrounds and made lasting connections. The host's attention to details and commitment to providing a great living and working environment was evident throughout my stay.

Overall, my time here was exceptional. I would highly recommend this coliving space to anyone looking for a comfortable, friendly, and productive environment.

Nhlanhla M Sep 2023 5.00

I really love being here. Everything you need is available, it's clean and has a pleasant atmosphere.

Zani M Sep 2023 5.00

Beautiful workspace!

Alphons M Sep 2023 4.00

I stayed here for a month and had a wonderful experience. The spaces for living and working are well-designed and comfortable, making it easy to both relax and be productive. The atmosphere is welcoming and vibrant, fostering great connections among the residents. I appreciated how the host managed everything, ensuring a smooth and pleasant stay. Definitely recommended for anyone looking for a communal living space.

Jenah A Aug 2023 5.00

Moving to this is one of the best decisions I've made. I can't recommend the people, vibe and facilities enough - they are truly creating a new way of living and I'm so glad I got to be a part of it!

Shana T Jul 2023 5.00

This coliving is upmarket, stylish and clean. The security is top quality with face recognition and security guards. The community is so friendly. Great place to stay, decent prices and wonderful location.

Jon H Jul 2023 5.00

I absolutely loved the beautiful workspace and its great location above a shopping center. It was so convenient to have safe parking in the building.

Brad R Jul 2023 5.00

Amazing place....St John and Murray have got the coliving and coworking concept to a world class fine art!!

Paulina D Jun 2023 4.00

I found the location to be ideal, and the crew was fantastic. However, the space could use some repainting, and unfortunately, there was no internet on our floor for the duration of our month-long stay.

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