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Shanti Beach Coliving

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About Shanti Beach Coliving

The space is composed by two houses that are also part of a Yoga Retreat center called Floripa Yoga & Kitesurf House in South Sicily (by the beach).
So it's especially suitable for people looking into yoga & beach life.
One villa has a luxurious one bedroom apartment, with two bathrooms, a big living room, a long working station and a garden space. The second apartment is a cozy and stylish studio.
The second villa features 4 double bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms. On the rooftop you'll find the Yoga Shala where Yoga classes are held everyday twice from April to November (in English).
The guests at Shanti Coliving can join the yoga classes, kitesurf, SUP, etc. at the retreat center, as well as have meals or use their own kitchen to cook, and meet the guests and the people living there.

Shanti Beach Coliving's latest reviews

Olivia A May 2024 5.00

The food, hospitality, staff, and facilities were all amazing. I stayed for a month, and it was far beyond any expectations I may have had. The staff were so kind and accommodating, and the food was delicious. If you have the chance to visit this beautiful oasis, do not pass it up.

Oh, and be sure to book a massage with Lorenzo – the best massage I've ever received! Thank you, I will be back one day.

Oceanna C May 2024 5.00

I had an incredible experience staying here. From the moment I arrived, I felt welcomed and at ease. The location is stunning, with beautiful views of the beach. The community atmosphere is vibrant, and it was easy to connect with others. The accommodations were comfortable and clean, and the staff was always friendly and helpful.

The coworking space was perfect for my needs, providing a productive environment with reliable Wi-Fi and plenty of desk space. I also appreciated the various community events that were organized, offering a great mix of professional networking and fun social activities.

Overall, my stay was memorable, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a unique coliving experience in a beautiful setting.

Ben K May 2024 5.00

I found this place to be such a gem. It's close to a great beach, and I was made to feel incredibly welcome. The vegetarian dinners are superb, and it’s really nice to have the opportunity to eat together with others. The same goes for breakfast. They offer a fantastic range of yoga teachers, each bringing their own unique perspective to their practice. Additionally, a sister establishment nearby is a great spot to relax with sun loungers, a bar, and toilets, all within walking distance.

Hanne M May 2024 5.00

I had a wonderful experience here! The yoga teachers are incredibly dedicated, and the staff is very friendly. 😊 Highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great yoga experience among great people.

Aleksandra D May 2024 5.00

I absolutely adore this coliving space. I'm definitely planning to come back :)

Julia S Apr 2024 5.00

I've stayed at this coliving space twice, and I'll definitely be back!

Lara I Apr 2024 5.00

I had an incredible stay! The staff was attentive and always ready to help, making sure I had everything I needed. This place is peaceful and beautifully decorated, creating the perfect environment to relax and unwind. The food was exquisite, and the massage options along with the skilled masseurs were just amazing. In short, my stay here was more than perfect, and I will definitely return.

Marcello P Mar 2024 5.00

My partner and I had the pleasure of enjoying the delicious cuisine at this meticulously cared-for coliving space near Pozzallo. For breakfast, the variety was astounding: from pastries to fresh fruit, scrambled eggs to freshly baked bread, the excellence of the dishes and the quality of the ingredients were top-notch, catering well to those with vegan and gluten-free needs, thanks to the chef and the host's choice of a contemporary buffet.

The dinner was equally appreciated: three courses (soup, a buffet of main dishes and sides, followed by dessert) complemented by bread, focaccias, and wine, designed to replenish the energy spent throughout the day with a mix of healthy and tasty dishes.

The welcoming and professional staff also gave us a tour of the amenities and common areas of the property, where you can see how health and relaxation have been prioritized in the vision of the founder. The focus on guest experience and overall wellness really stood out to us during our stay of a month.

Lydia Y Mar 2024 5.00

I had an amazing time here. The location is beautiful, and they served wonderful food while extending a friendly welcome. I would totally recommend staying at this coliving space to anyone looking for a great experience.

Nino R Oct 2023 5.00

Very friendly staff.

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