What is "Free" and with whom is it eaten? Hint: with the community 😉 Seriously, VILNYY is a co-living of active youth in Kyiv. We gather like-minded people under one roof, and then magic happens. These people create a community, start joint projects, travel, hang out, and most importantly, strengthen each other! What do we offer? ⠀ 🔺 Worthy friends for life. From 10 to 18 unique and active characters live in the coliving. Everyone who wants to move in is selected, so you can be sure that every person you will live with is worth writing a whole book about. 🔺 Convenience of accommodation. We care about your comfort, so our apartments are close to the metro, have several bathrooms and huge co-working halls, where you can work and relax watching your favorite movie with a community of colliers. 🔺 Reinforcement. Each of the residents is a part of the proactive youth with their vast experience and energy, which cannot be shared. ⠀ What is NOT about Vilnyy: ❌ What a place in the center for the price of hostels. It is important for us that every person living in VILNYY realizes both his personal value for the future community and the value of the community in the future life. ❌ A place where you can hang out until the dormitories open. The minimum period of stay is 3 months, because quality relationships between people take time. ❌ Queues for the toilet and kitchen. Each apartment is large enough for a comfortable stay. ✔️ The cost of living is $150 per month, including utilities. ✔️ Currently, there are 12 living quarters in Kyiv where 180 people live. And remember: 🔺 People are changed by people 🔺
Are you ready for coliving?

Are you ready?

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