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About Xatarsis

Xatarsis - is a community space for co-living and co-working.
This is the place to be for travelers, remoter workers, freelancers, crafters, creative persons and those, who want to change their style of life. This is a hotel-like building outside of noise cities - in the heart of the Ukrainian Carpathian mountains. Workshops, master-classes, brainstorms etc happen here regularly.
This is a place to communicate and build community.
Xatarsis also a great base camp for travelers, so they can hike in the mountains, cycle and explore nearby natural wonders and cities.

Xatarsis's latest reviews

Оксана С. Nov 2021 5.00

Super. Clean, nice, good conditions for rest.

Laura B. Sep 2021 5.00

Great place! Friendly people, beautiful nature, a lot of fun! Recommend!

Ivanna M. Aug 2021 5.00

Polite and pleasant owners. Quiet, cozy place, neat. I recommend

Вадим П. Aug 2021 5.00

Nice coliving place. Highly recommend!

Tetiana G. Jun 2021 5.00

I like that there is a lot of communication, nature, a healthy lifestyle. So clean air and water that health and energy at once +100 points.

Adrian R. May 2021 5.00

This place is absolutely lovely and with a great atmosphere. Staying there I felt at home. We were like big family members and now, after I left I still feel I have brothers and sisters there. I will definitely go back. The place is clean and very comfortable to live in, but what makes it really cool is it is our responsibility to make it so. You're free to make any changes as long as it's fine with the rest of The Family :) We were doing many activities, we had many discussions, so I never been bored. And when you need to be alone or you need to work it's not a problem either. Many different workstations (again - just pick a place for yourself and adjust it so it's comfortable for you!) and lightning-fast internet. It is very well located, in the mountains but with easy access by road or by train. Surrounded by nature, with easy access to organic food from villagers, it is a great place to have a healthy lifestyle. Also very much vegetarian friendly if that matters to you. Recommended.

Jarro May 2021 5.00

5/5 much fun, beautiful nature, lovely hiking, friendly people.

Vladislav S. Apr 2021 5.00

Spent a wonderful weekend here. Convenient location: not far from the station where the trains get up; a minute's walk from the house a stop from where you can get to different cool locations; around alone mountains, mountains, mountains and a big river in 5 minutes; grocery store right under your nose. The rooms are not hot, there is everything you need. There is a summer house where you can dine, with a fireplace.

josef B. Feb 2021 5.00

George is a really nice person that makes you feel at home in beautiful nature.

Oren A. Dec 2020 5.00

Amazing relaxing place. Great host. Highly recommend

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