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Chez Nestor Coliving Company

Chez Nestor

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Price from $478 to $1,567 / month

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French leader in furnished shared accommodation in city centers, Chez Nestor is the turnkey accommodation solution for students and young professionals. Find out more about our history, our commitments and our teams.

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Vitoldas B. Sep 2020

Service fee is quite high, but a really great option if you are struggling to find somewhere to stay long-term.

Laura C. Feb 2020

My daughter was going to be studying in Paris for around 4 months and after researching lots of different options, we settled on this coliving. The apartments all looked more modern and bright compared to other flatshares we had seen. The onboarding process was really easy and slick using the online capability to sign documents, make payment and it was helpful that it was all in English. Yes the rent is probably a bit higher and the 'welcome pack' fee quite high but we felt it was worth it to know there was accommodation secured, it wasnt one of the many scams out there and the company was very responsive to our questions. There was a problem with the Wifi but the team did their best to resolve that and compensated for the time without service. Be sure to take a thorough inventory on arrival and departure with pictures to ensure you get your full deposit back which we did. We also liked the fact they put you in touch with your new flatmates before you arrive so you can start to get to know them. Rooms were also eligible for the CAF subsidy which you apply for yourself (little but painful) but worth persevering with.

Audrey L. Oct 2019

This coliving provides mainly good services.

James G. Oct 2019

Excellent coliving place, would fully recommend.

Justin G. Oct 2019

Maybe the best solution for finding a coliving accomodation as an international student. It only costs a lot of money.

Marta B. Oct 2019

Best service, easy, fast, trustworthy. The apartment is new, clean, well equipped. I can truly recommend this coliving to anyone especially international students who struggle with finding a place without french guarantor or thousands of documents. This coliving is the response for our need.

lmarine Oct 2019

Great way to find a safe and comfortable coliving place to rent, easy to communicate, problems get solved easily. Only downside would be that its pricy, quite higher than the average market.

Yu-Chi L. Oct 2019

comfort coliving space with a room, shared bathroom and a kitchen. quick and friendly customer service.

Ellis H. Oct 2019

Overall I'm incredibly happy with my experience with this coliving. Whilst it was frustrating that their apartments are very much in demand and consequently I ended up renting a flat paying more than I had originally planned, the ease of reserving a place and the moving in experience greatly made up for it. Furthermore, my apartment is excellently located and my bedroom is very spacious which more than makes up for the added price. I have had no issues with my housemates and feel safe and secure within my apartment. This coliving was also incredibly helpful when I had a problem in the house and I felt that they resolved it as quickly as possible. I couldn't recommend them enough if you are unsure how long you are going to be staying in the city due to the flexible rolling contract. The fees seem extensive at first but I have paid for a genuinely excellent quality service and they have greatly contributed to my general happiness in moving to a new country.

minnona W. Oct 2019

Great service, very attentive staff you always get a quick response and they will replace any faulty items for you very quickly. The apartment I'm in is bright and provides me with a lot more living space than if I chose to live alone in Paris. However there are some faults in the system this coliving has in place. The issue being that the tenancies of the rooms in one flat all start at a different time meaning that when you arrive the flat is in no means as pristine as pictured. Both my room and living room were dirty at arrival. The coliving offers to send a cleaning crew in if your room is dirty however I did not have time to wait for one. Additionally they expect the other flatmates to clean the common areas when there's a new arrival however that system is flawed as the mess that was in the kitchen upon my arrival was left behind by the previous tenant of my room. For the steep price of 1200Euro rent and a housing pack of 890euro I wouldn't think it would be too much to have a cleaner do a basic clean before a new arrival! All in all a very good concept which has provided me with a comfortable flat to live in however there are some improvements that could be made to their all inclusive service.