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Coliving in Singapore

Singapore is an island off southern Malaysia, in the Singapore Straits. It has a population of more than 5.6 million, made up of a variety of ethnicities, mostly Chinese, Malays and Indians.
Singapore is the name of both the city and the country. It is one of the richest countries in the world. It certainly attracts people who want to share their living space, and coliving is becoming increasingly popular there.
You can get some breathtaking views of Singapore if you visit the Marina Bay Sands SkyPark or take the Singapore Flyer, which is a huge Ferris wheel.

One of the places to visit in Singapore is the renowned Raffles Hotel, where you can try a Singapore Sling in luxurious surroundings. If the hotel is closed for refurbishment (it reopens later in 2018), head to Clarke Quay and sample the bars and restaurants that abound there.
No visit to Singapore would be complete without seeing the statue of the Merlion. the symbol of the city. The statue has a fish’s body and a lion’s head, which spouts water from the mouth. It’s a very famous landmark, and all tourists jockey to get a prime position to photograph the statue. The Merlion was believed to have offered protection to the citizens of Singapore.

One of the best things to do for free in Singapore is to take a tour of Baba House. This building has been lovingly restored and is near Chinatown. You have to make an appointment to take a tour, which lasts for an hour. The house was, in the 1920s, home to a very wealthy Singaporean family.
There are Buddhist temples to visit, and no visit would be complete without seeing the Sri Mariamman Temple, a Hindu temple that is very colourful and kitsch.

Fun facts about Singapore:
• In the past, Singapore was called Singapura, which means Lion City in Sanskrit.
• Somewhat surprisingly, the Singaporean national anthem is written in micro-text on the back of the $1,000 bank note.
• Although Singapore is called “The Lion City,” it was never home to those large cats, although tigers once roamed there.
• Singapore is one of three city-states that exist in the world today. The other two are the Vatican and Monaco.
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