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About Co-homing

Co-Homing is a unique concept in Brussels. You get vital privacy and the comfort of company, in one fell swoop. Awesome.

Well, in the jungle of the “co-thingies”, there is US … the rest is the parking lot*
We have tested our accommodations with the potentially most anal retentive individuals. “Flying colors” doesn’t even come close to describing the success of the test results.

You know about the exhilarating facets of a community of like-minded people, right? Deep, excitingly involving chats, laughter, bashing, partying… well, you know…

But that, however, has its drawbacks… and in the midst of your enthusiasm, you have unconsciously put a lid on those. Well, we took care of them for you.

*This is a reference to a famous Flemish sarcastic saying: “Antwerp is the city and everything else in Belgium is the parking lot”
Are you ready for coliving?

Are you ready?

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