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Coaliving is a brand new co-living concept inspired by the history of the mining city in Eisden Maasmechelen.
A place where community & diversity thrive.
A place where the feeling of being home is mostly felt when shared.

Coaliving is a peaceful haven. A home based in a unique and enchanting green area where you can relax, retreat & recharge your batteries. We have a big garden with a field of wildflowers, room for a vegetable garden, a fire pit and an outdoor gym. Besides that we’re located right next to the National Park Hoge Kempen. Seriously, with more than 12000 ha of nature in your backyard, you won't even believe you're still in Belgium.

Unregarded age, culture, social class, life stages or life interests, here at Coaliving we believe that life can offer more joy, depth and enrichment, if we dare to go for curiosity and connection. Connection with all kinds of people and ideas, to get challenged in things we already know but also in things we have yet to discover.

We feel both the connection with yourself as the interaction & connection with others are important to feel balanced. At Coaliving you have your own private home including all facilities and on top of that, there are shared spaces where you can build and share life as a community. This way we’ve created the right conditions to find that balance.

Bringing together all different kinds of people in an environment stimulating connection, is the perfect soil for new ideas to grow. We want to be a vibrant place where residents, creatives, entrepreneurs and artists can meet. Where they can share skills, create new stories and challenge each other's beliefs to gain new perspectives.

Coaliving is a place where you can root and live permanently or just temporarily settle down in one of our furnished accommodations. We are a basecamp for adventurers and a destination for restless souls. We are a supportive environment for single parents and a dynamic place for singles, couples and families. Besides that, we are also an opportunity for the elder generation to remain part of a community that reaches further than people their own age.
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