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Gather with other like-minders at Commune where you co-live, co-play, co-learn and co-work together. Live life with renewed passion and enjoy hours of fun. Bounce ideas off and learn from each other. Collaborate and partner with others on projects and ventures. This is co-creating at its best!

Whether you are a university student starting in a new campus and a new phase in life, a young entrepreneur looking for a space of your own, or a digital nomad wanting to connect with like-minders, you will find Commune the perfect habitat.

Located in Tsuen Wan, Commune Castle Peak offers 48 tastefully designed co-living spaces with stunning sea views that comes with 4 bedspaces. All of the 450 sq ft rooms are equipped with bathroom, fitted kitchenette, designer refrigerator, free Wi-Fi Internet access, 24-hour reception and other amenities such as a blackboard and multi-function table.
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Are you ready?

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