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About Ecla Campus

ECLA is a campus for co-living located in Massy-Palaiseau, within easy reach of Paris and close to the schools of Plateau de Saclay. Whether you are a student, worker or co-worker or are simply passing through, this is the perfect place for you. ECLA offers high-end accommodation, and not just for students.
Workers can stay for a month or more. ECLA also offers a special service that includes: an international welcome, 3 sports halls, co-working spaces, catering areas, a wealth of events and much more besides. Only 30 minutes from Paris by public transport, this university campus is in a league of its own and is the perfect place for setting your life in motion.

Ecla Campus's latest reviews

Qindi W. Nov 2021 5.00

Very nice campus, clean, equipped, a lot of young people, many activities. The staff is amazing, never had a problem, recommend this!

wei Z. Nov 2021 5.00

The residence is very convenient. The commun space and the room are stylish. The staff is very kind. I love this place!

Priscilla B. Oct 2021 1.00

ECLA was asked to pay extra 30euros Then I was given a contract form written in the French language. HOW ON EARTH DO YOU EXPECT A FOREIGNER TO HAVE A FULL GRASP OF YOUR LANGUAGE? When I asked for an English version I was told it's not available. NOW I HAVE TO SIGN A CONTRACT WITH NO/LITTLE IDEA OF WHATEVER IS WRITTEN. WICKEDNESS!!!! because I'm very certain it was a deliberate thing to extort international students. After that, I was asked to pay an extra fee of 700euros as a deposit. WHAT????? Not 300, 400 but 700 euros. I wasn't even aware of all these charges. What's difficult in giving full details of what people should expect but they won't because they know once you arrive you won't have any other choice.TERRIBLE!!!!!You will pay an extra charge for washing and drying and that cost 7.5eurosNow, after some days, I discovered my deposit of 700euros won't be returned until after one month. ECLA YOU ARE CANCELLED!!!!

Kp Y. Oct 2021 5.00

Very good environment you must come here

Luka J. Oct 2021 5.00

I came here last autumn with a couple of colleagues and would like to share with you the amazing experience I had here during the last 10 months, along with my overall satisfaction, both with the conditions inside and around the campus, while also with the hospitality and generosity of the staff working there.My first positive experience was when I was about to move to France. They informed me in advance that there might possibly be some problem with the installation in my room and proposed to rent me a hotel while the room finishes. If that was not enough, they even transferred my payment for the next month, so I didn't pay the rent while I was in the hotel.Overall, conditions at the Campus are great, since everything was built in 2018. The security level is really high and there is also a good chance you can be the first in your room, like we had a case. Inside the campus, you have a gym, laundry room, huge shared space, cinema rooms, free printers, meeting rooms, cheap cafe/restaurant and a lot more! And generally in Massy-Palaiseau you have everything you need - from big supermarket, restaurants and bars to cinema, bakeries and banks.It is also worth mentioning the location of the campus - since it's near to the TGV and RER B/C station, where trains and buses leave to all parts of Ile-de-France every couple of minutes. If your classes will be in Palaiseau / Orsay, then you are just in the middle between Paris and your University - around 15/20 minutes in both directions. If you stay longer in Paris during weekend and there are no more trains, there is a night bus that goes every half an hour from Paris to Massy Palaiseau.Hope you will have a great time here if you choose this coliving as your residence! :)

Findlay L. Oct 2021 2.00

Wifi: Does not work properly, cuts you off every few hours, no authentification on the wifi, and yes you can see all few hundred people connected on the same wifi as you which is pretty dangerous (part-time network engineer here) firewall blocks: streaming, peer to peer, sll-vpn blocked and you can't get your own internet as no ethernet cable working! great for people who work from home. They can not applicate their own internal regulations, for example for the noise made by neighbors, or in the main hall. I have a written mail if needed. Need to queue up for about 30min to check if any mails downstairs. Hugely overpriced for the quality of apartments, for example, don't have any sitting in my downstairs (have a duplex). All the people I know have had their deposit partially taken off, for very small things which were nit even fixed for the next person moving in

sensen W. Oct 2021 1.00

I have lived in this apartment before, and the apartment accepts a high deposit, and the housing deposit will not be refunded three months later. I checked out on June 14, 2020, and over three months after checking out, I had multiple reminders for the deposit, sent multiple emails and tweets to the person in charge, and never responded. Until September 21, 2020, I received a bill from ecla for the refund of the deposit. Not only was all the deposit deducted, but I was also asked to pay 56.39 Euros back. When I checked out, I had a professional check-out cleaner do a full house check-out. The walls were normal wear and tear and I was charged 800.28 Euros for painting. Some of the walls had grease residue on the cooking area because the Ecla campus didn't install a baffle in a hurry to get people in. When I checked out, the floor of the room was mopped and cleaned, and I was charged extra for cleaning. I wasn't there, they did a room check and the staff walked around so much that there were stains on the floor. The whole room was cleaned before I left. I've consulted with a lawyer and ecla charges well above the market rate for repairs.

Anna M. Oct 2021 5.00

After living in Paris during the first year of studying there, I honestly find this coliving residence to be a huge upgrade. Considering the free services provided here such as bilingual staff (mainly at the reception), arcade room, a cafe, shared kitchen with ovens, laundry room, a huge lounge and study area, as well as cinema rooms, I believe the price of the apartments available are worth it.Although there have been some complaints about the WIFI, I believe the staff is quick to respond, and my only real complaint is how unkept the shared kitchen is, due to the lack of care taken by those using it. The area around the Campus is also peaceful, with families, other students, and (very cute) dogs. It's a lot quieter than Paris, but there's still energy and activity happening around here. There's a Carrefour 5-10 minutes away from the residence, with restaurants around. It's also a 10 minute walk from the RER Massy-Palaiseau station.

Fábio A. Oct 2021 5.00

My wife and I have lived in ECLA for 10 months. And we were very happy with all the amenities and services provided (gym, cinema, bar and restaurant, coworking space, etc). The apartment is brand new and well furnished and the employees are kind and eager to help at any time. We were welcomed by Yoann BUIDIN-FERRER who was extremely kind and considerate to us both on our arrival and throughout our stay. Ecla's location is also a plus! Very close to the Massy-Palaiseau station with easy access to Paris and to Plateau de Saclay. I recommend ECLA to everyone who wants a good place to live and make friends and also to those who want all the comfort and amenities of a great student residence.

Amal M. Sep 2021 5.00

I recently moved and I am so happy about it. I was welcomed by Miss Bila. She is professional, friendly and so helpful. Thank you.

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