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ILIOR Coliving Company


Ilior is a flexible shared housing concept. At Ilior, we provide clusters of amazing plug-and-play spaces. In each cluster, you will find a number of differently sized private studios, grouped around sophisticated and beautifully designed common/shared areas. All spaces are fully equipped with custom made furniture, state-of-the-art technology and equipment. Spaces can be adapted to your own specific needs and preferences. All for a fixed monthly price, including everything: rent, utilities, ultra fast internet access, fully equipped kitchens, bed linen, towels, etc., and with no long term commitment. Including a community of people like yourself.

ILIOR's latest reviews

Ohad E Jan 2020

One of the most beautiful and innovative coliving places I’ve ever encountered!
Amazing management, outstanding atmosphere and a true home in the city of Athens!

Ofra E Jan 2020

A really great and dynamic place, a great concept, and very nice people!

Vanessa L Jan 2020

Coliving at it’s best

Dimitris S Jan 2020

Great coliving space in Athens!

Mathilda B Jan 2020

Highly recommend a new and fresh concept of living together and sharing! And positive thinking!