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Inverso is a brand to inhabit and enjoy the world differently and consciously. We build a circle of equality between locals and foreigners who believe in changing the rigid way of thinking and inhabit the cities for one flexible and fueled by interconnection and community.

Inverso's latest reviews

osmel P May 2024 5.00

Good service.

hannesontour Feb 2024 4.00

I had a really good stay at this coliving space. The design was great and made my stay comfortable and enjoyable.

Samuel F Feb 2024 5.00

I volunteered at this coliving space, and I really enjoyed the company of all the staff and the atmosphere they've created! If I get the chance, I would definitely come back for another month. Sending a big hug to everyone!

Ryan E Feb 2024 5.00

I had a great experience here, the room was clean, although it's important to be aware of the surrounding area. Overall, it was definitely worth the stay!

Carlos V Feb 2024 4.00

I had a wonderful experience here at this coliving space! The environment was extremely welcoming, and the staff, especially Sarah, went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable. Although I initially planned to stay for just a couple of weeks, it ended up being a month, which speaks volumes about the quality of the place.

The communal areas were always clean and well-maintained, fostering a fantastic atmosphere for both living and working. It was delightful interacting with a diverse group of residents, which added to the richness of my experience.

I appreciated how attentive the host was to ensure a seamless integration for newcomers, which helped me feel at home right from the start. I did notice, however, that the Wi-Fi could be a bit more stable, as there were a few times it slowed down, but this was a minor issue in the grand scheme of things.

I'm grateful for the memories made and connections formed during my time here. I would highly recommend this coliving space to anyone looking for a comfortable, communal living situation with a great blend of privacy and social interaction.

Steven R Dec 2023 5.00

For the cost, I believe one could find something better. It's difficult to sleep because even with the windows closed, you can hear everything from the street. Also, the bed creaks terribly with the slightest movement. The location is central, but the area is just okay. On a positive note, the staff is friendly and attentive, the room's design is nice, the view is pleasing, and the Jacuzzi is a plus.

Juan Nicolas Gomez M. May 2022 4.00

I stayed for a month, and it's a really nice place; what I liked the most was the community.
The only con I see is the noise sometimes, but that's expected because of the location.

Anže S Apr 2022 5.00

Very clean nice apartment with incredible coliving spaces and wonderful amenities. Maybe I just miss breakfast.

Job Apr 2022 5.00

Modern and comfortable coliving with a friendly staff

Clément F Jan 2022 1.00

To avoid! They didn't return the deposit! Poor services, no access to the coworking space (employees use the space for themselves, without thinking of customers first...), no insulation, no curtains... The staff is not competent when we have questions.

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