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The Modern Way of Living.
Enjoy and experience our uniquely created spaces and become a member of our growing community!

Making your next move should be exciting, but the reality is often stress and uncertainty. MILHUB are building a better way.

We think it's crazy that people rent homes and are left to figure things out with no support when they move in.

Worry no longer as we make sure that home-sharing is made simple!

Milhub provide unique, shared living spaces to professionals and creatives with similar values; we believe co-living will be the future of renting. At MILHUB our vision is to create a community of like-minded individuals that can connect, socialise and inspire collaboration inside our living spaces.
Co-living is at the centre of what we do; we believe it is more than just the place in which you live, it is all about bringing people together from all walks of life and sharing unique experiences, facilities and spaces.
The goal is to impact the way people live and challenge ourselves every day to discover innovative ideas and solutions that shape a new way of living together.
Are you ready for coliving?

Are you ready?

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