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NomadGao – Pioneers in India’s digital nomad movement.
Have you ever dreamt of a place that gives you a warm family feel and helps you stay productive? That’s basically what NomadGao is all about. NomadGao is created by digital nomads, for digital nomads. In short, we have you covered!

Our coliving areas are carefully designed keeping digital nomads in mind. From dorms to apartments, we provide a lot of options to choose from. All our coliving areas are located next to our coworking space to help you strike the balance.

Our coworking space has something for everyone! Do you want to work with razor-sharp focus? Use Zenroom. Do you want to brainstorm and connect with others? Use outdoor areas. Do you want to be in nature? Use our secret garden!

NomadGao was born out of our need to find our tribe in Goa. While we have coworking space and comfortable coliving areas, what really sets us apart is the closely-knit community of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and remote workers.

Nomadgao's latest reviews

Saarthak S Apr 2024 5.00

I recently had the pleasure of staying here for a work trip, and I must say, it was an experience that exceeded my expectations. The serene and vibrant atmosphere of Anjuna, combined with the exceptional facilities at this coliving space, made for a perfect blend of work and leisure.

The community aspect is one of the highlights for me. I am incredibly grateful for the connections I made here. The staff fostered an environment that was not only professional but also warm and welcoming, making it easy to network and collaborate with fellow digital nomads.

The accommodation was comfortable, and the staff was always on hand to assist with any needs. Anisa and Saar, in particular, were standout members of the team. Their vibrant personalities and dedication to ensuring guests have a memorable stay added a unique and enjoyable dimension to my time here.

For food enthusiasts like myself, the kitchen was a delightful discovery. Offering a variety of flavors, it became a special spot for me to indulge in some local culinary delights.

Overall, my stay here was not just good, it was exceptional. The combination of a supportive community, helpful staff, and delightful local cuisine made my work trip feel like a refreshing retreat. I would highly recommend this coliving to any digital nomad looking for a place that offers the perfect balance between productivity and relaxation.

Elena I Apr 2024 5.00

If you're searching for the perfect spot in Anjuna, you've found it. This place is absolutely stunning, with adorable, spacious coworking areas that have a chill, flowy vibe. The rooms are incredibly roomy, featuring a balcony, excellent water pressure, and consistent hot water. Plus, there's an AC and a fridge in the rooms. It's conveniently close to everything, which is just wonderful. Saal, our host, was probably the highlight of our stay; he's simply the best. Thank you for everything. 🙏 ❤️

Tom D Apr 2024 5.00

I stayed here for a month and was blown away by the active community presence. They hosted events almost daily, which provided a fantastic opportunity to network with other guests and make some long-term connections. The atmosphere was friendly and inclusive, making it easy to feel at home right away. The facilities for coliving and coworking were top-notch, perfectly blending comfort and productivity. Highly recommend this place for anyone looking for a vibrant community vibe.

Chandral T Apr 2024 5.00

I had my first experience digital nomading here and absolutely loved my stay at this coliving space. The hosts were very welcoming and accommodating. I would definitely stay here again.

Karthikeyan S Mar 2024 5.00

I found this place to be conveniently located, surrounded by lots of cute eateries within walking distance. My month-long stay has been nothing short of pleasant. The cafe on-site serves nice food and coffee, making it easy to grab a quick bite or a caffeine fix without having to go far. The community manager, Aneesha, has been incredibly helpful. She's super proactive and arranged so many events for us which really helped in creating a vibrant community atmosphere. The game nights are a highlight for me and offered a great way to unwind and have fun. Additionally, I got the chance to network with other residents, some of whom I could potentially work with in the future. I'm definitely looking forward to coming back.

priyanka B Mar 2024 5.00

I stayed here for a month as a solo traveler and loved that this coliving space has strong community-centric values. It was easy to meet new people, and I really enjoyed my time there. The property is well situated right in the heart of Anjuna with tons of options for restaurants around. Would definitely go back again!

Deepansh J Mar 2024 5.00

I've really enjoyed the great community vibe at this coliving space. The coworking area is excellent, offering reliable Wi-Fi, which is a huge plus for me. There's also a wonderfully chill atmosphere present. The location in Goa is just perfect, whether I'm focusing on work or taking some time to unwind. They've absolutely nailed it with the balance here!

Philip Feb 2024 5.00

I spent an incredible month with my partner here, and we were delighted by the spacious, clean rooms equipped with air conditioning. We alternated our workdays between the open coworking space and our room, which provided excellent flexibility. The call boxes were a great addition, helping us maintain privacy during our calls. The sense of community was strong, and the staff was wonderfully welcoming; we even enjoyed going out with them after work. I highly recommend this coliving for an excellent experience.

Christoph H Jan 2024 5.00

I received a very warm welcome and absolutely loved the vibes here!

Shikhar G Jan 2024 5.00

I had a wonderful experience staying at this coliving space last year. The people here are incredibly warm and welcoming.

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