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Nomadic 6 provides a network of contemporary alternative housing options to remote workers looking for more than just a home.

Our curated cospaces offer comfortable living, inspiring working facilities and engaging events to create brimful experiences while promoting sustainable practices.

We focus on creating a vibrant community where our members have unique opportunities to connect, learn and grow.

Nomadic6's latest reviews

Adam C. Oct 2021 5.00

Great coliving place to live and work. Nice staff lovely spot and great swimming pool.

Durga S Aug 2021 4.00

Really beautiful coliving place.

Natalie G. Jul 2021 5.00

First time at the new coliving space and it is fantastic! Comfortable work space, great coffee, amazing pool, stunning views and friendly staff ... what more could you ask for!

Opia N Jun 2021 5.00

Perfect for working, great pool too. The pool is 100tbh per day if you are not staying at the accommodation or paying for the co-living space. I believe the daily rate for co-living is 200tbh however there are probably discounts for longer access. Wi-Fi and aircon are good too. Friendly staff! Some of the food is great, some is a little basic for what you pay, however overall we would return for the drinks, views, pool and sunbathing!

Ars V Jun 2021 5.00

Great coliving space. Amazing view, beautiful pool, rooms with AC, very nice & helpful manager. Better than most Thai run places. This is German run, and you notice it for its correctness & precision.

Alejandra E. May 2021 5.00

Great coliving! Great price! I always keeping coming back for more.

Jon B. Feb 2021 5.00

very helpful and timely with information.

Daniel G Jan 2021 5.00

I came here to work here almost every day on the past 2 months, and after searching the co-working spaces that best suits my needs, I can claim that this is the best one on the island. You have a private beach that gives you the freedom to enjoy the sound of the waves whenever you start to be overwhelmed. Then, you have a swimming pool where you can enjoy swimming whenever the tide of the sea is too low. And lastly, 2 big office buildings to fit all the expats who work remotely.

Number F Dec 2020 5.00

Amazing beds!!!! Aside from great staff, this is most important for me and I have found none better :) The entire place is always kept clean and fresh from the pool and great coworking spaces to the rooms with routine cleaning and changing of sheets etc. The coworking spaces have blazing Wifi and desks with ergo chairs plus many cabanas to chill on as well if wanting a break from the office comforts. When it comes to chill, the pool is huge and wonderful but for me is second to the sunset and ocean views. The location tends to attract coworkers which is great for socializing with your neighbours and meeting interesting people and making new friends too.

Paola J Dec 2020 5.00

Phenomenal place! A stunning sunset view and basically a private beach only a few steps away from the room. The bedroom is spacious and nicely decorated. It is away from any kind of noise, providing the best sleep quality. The pool is great, as well as the coworking space. Everything is very clean, the food from the bar is delicious, and the staff is very caring and kind. Highly recommend, loved the experience!

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