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Nestled on the lush green slopes of Northern Tenerife lies the Taoro Coliving. This renovated six-bedroom villa, with its spacious and cozy rooms, relaxed environment, inspiring activities and productive workspaces is the perfect gateway for digital nomads to unwind, connect and be productive in this gem of an island.

The Taoro Coliving also enjoys an unparalleled view of the Taoro Kingdom, or Taoro Menceyato as the original inhabitants of the Canary Islands, the Guanches, used to call. This Menceyato, after which the Coliving is named, was one of the most prominent and vibrant of all the nine kingdoms the island was divided into before the conquest of the Spanish in the XV Century.

At Taoro Coliving we understand sleep is of the essence for a good quality of life. The peaceful environment, comfortable & cozy rooms, weekly cleaning of rooms, towels and linen and the wide selection of amenities all result in a home away from home feeling, only to be disturbed by the singing of birds in the morning.

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